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Doctorate Degree in Optometry

Generally, to have an education in optometry requires a graduate and an undergraduate degree. Most optometrists can be found working in private practice, while some of them have specialization in specific areas, such as in geriatrics or pediatrics. This is the time when high level of academic attainment is necessary, specifically a Doctorate Degree or a PhD. This advanced course requires students great investment, in terms of money and time. In fact, some educational institutions provide programs that are designed to cater the needs of diverse students.

Doctorate Degree - Graduation

Doctorate Degree – Graduation

It is a standard to attain a bachelor’s degree before starting this doctoral program. This course usually takes four years to be fully-completed. It has a number of undergraduate coursework requirements before successful admission including areas in education, biology, health, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. However, this degree is not just limited to these subjects as you can also take any other major courses as long as students are able to complete all the required coursework. Interested applicants for this degree program should take the admissions test that is designed to assess the academic ability and scientific comprehension of the students in general chemistry, physics, biology, organic chemistry, quantitative reasoning, and reading comprehension.

Doctorate Degree -Course Work Structure

Doctorate Degree in this field of study focuses on the structure, function, and diseases or disorders of the eye. This can be achieved after four more years of study after completing students’ undergraduate work and obtaining admission to an accredited school for this field. The graduate coursework for this doctoral degree includes study in the areas of physiology, human anatomy, eye diseases, vision and vision disorders, biochemistry, and systemic diseases that may affect the eye.

Research in this doctoral degree puts emphasis on the normal and abnormal processes in vision, eye disorders and diseases, and visual pathways. Students in this degree work on various ways to keep vision loss in different approaches, which may have a wide range from molecular and cellular to optical or behavioral.

After attaining their doctorate Degree, some optometrists get involve in residency programs to advance their preparation beyond their entry-level practice. This residency usually lasts at least 12 months. Among the residency concentrations for this post-graduate study are vision therapy and rehabilitation, primary eye care, and pediatrics, family practice and geriatrics.

All optometrists are also required to take part in continuing studies so that they will be updated with new information about this field and maintain their licenses.

Among the reputable schools offering Doctorate Degree in this field study include the Indiana University, the Ohio State University, the State University of New York, and the University of Houston. These accredited colleges and universities offering this course maybe affiliated with hospitals, clinics, and military institutions. This approach may help graduates of the course have a venue to have practical experience their profession through internship programs. This may also give them greater chance to be absorbed by these institutions if they conform to the performance of the students during internship.

Key Facts about Doctorate Degree

A doctorate degree, by definition, is a formal education with the highest level of knowledge and skills.

The degree is usually asked for students or individuals who wish to be in a higher education career as a university professor. The type of doctorate degrees, their titles and benefits vary according to the qualifications set by the degree program, university, and subject matter.

Doctorate Degrees are made available in various fields of study depending on your interest. They are offered in the study areas of public administration, business management, health, arts, engineering, accounting, humanities, nursing, psychology, philosophy, and medicine.

Doctorate Degree Graduation

Doctorate Degree Graduation

These doctorate programs can be expensive depending on the school or university and the subject you are interested in. However, there are other ways on how to pursue your college education and obtain doctorate program through scholarships, student funds, and fellowships. You may also apply for financial assistance or any scholarship or fellowship or assistantships that you may be able to attain while studying. Other than financial aid, this will also give you practical experience, expertise, and knowledge to better prepare you for your future career opportunities and employment.

Doctorate Degree – Tips for Selection

If you are considering getting a doctoral degree in a certain field, consider whether a degree is necessary. Gather information or research about your prospective colleges or universities with the best reputation in the field that you have chosen. Keep in mind that these programs can be completed from four to seven years, with extensive researching, reading, and writing. Decide way ahead of time whether or not you should apply to a specific doctoral program.

Typically, eligibility for these degrees requires a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in certain subject matter. Qualified applicants should have passed the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) and the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). International students should pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Pertinent documents such as letters of recommendation, university transcript of records, and curriculum vitae are also required for degree admission.

Getting a doctoral degree can be intellectually fulfilling and satisfying since it requires students to have skills in reading and learning to excel and be an expert in a particular field of specification. Graduate students are also expected to have contribution to their selected field of knowledge through their research in a form of dissertation, which are published as articles in books or academic journals.

Graduates of doctorate degrees usually pursue careers in academics. The degrees may equip graduates to land in great jobs such as in government offices, consulting, research and development, and any other areas in the labor market with promising pay. They may have a better edge in the labor market than other applicants who are not degree holders. These Doctorate Degree may give them prestige with their earned title of doctor, which may open various doors for career opportunities in the higher positions. Most important is the exceptional knowledge gain from this high educational level.

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