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University of Sunderland – Background

n 1901, the doors to Sunderland Technical College opened its doors to students. Gaining the university status in 1992, the University of Sunderland is an active research facility. Research is the foundation of this university which is shown in 2014 for being world leading in 10 programs according to the Research Excellence Framework. They are no strangers to top notch rankings considering just two years previous, the university was one out of the six universities, short-listed in the University of the Year according to the Times Higher Education Supplement Awards. With these exceptional standards, any applicant looking to become a student at the University of Sunderland now have the option even off campus with their online doctorate UK programs.

Significance of  Online Doctorate UK

Having this new opportunity gives students who would not have the option to attend this university on site, a way to further their education and continue working or for whatever reason their personal life can not allow them to be away. No longer are the days where life and growing in knowledge have their barriers. As long as they are in compliance with all the requirements for their programs, this option opens up doors, which originally were closed.

Online Doctorate UK at University of Sunderland

The Higher Education Policy Institutes states the online doctorate UK program is possibly the most internationally transferable qualification. With many fields of study, this doctorate program gives you all the necessary skills to think in a deeper level as you become experienced within your field of study. Giving you the skills needed to deeply research the topic you have decided upon in depth, with the backing, leading and motivation from our team of overseers.

Online Doctorate UK – Entry Requirements

Requirements for entry into any of the programs on site or away, the applicant has to have a UK honors degree of first or upper second class or a UK masters degree or any certification to equal either of the three. Your proficiency in English is determined by the British Council IELTS with a score of 6.5 overall along with the minimum of a 6.0 in the added areas of knowledge such as reading, writing, listening and speaking or your first language is English.

Research Proposal:

Submission  of a research proposition is also required. It has to be 2-3 page with your target goals for the research, the reasoning behind it, what methods and skills will be used to get the data, along with the time frame for the proposed research. There are scholarships applicants can apply to help with the financial side of the programs.


Depending on if you are a resident of the UK or EU the annual fees will vary. It is a minimum of three years for a full time students going all the way to six years for part time for the duration of your degree completion. All these formats are across the board for all three options offered for all the modes, full-time, part-time and online alike.

Subject Areas for Distance PhD:

The University of Sunderland prides itself on research is interwoven throughout all the courses offered under the PhD fields. The foundation this university focuses on is building strong leaders who carry on their expertise for the bettering of society. Research areas at this university include:

  1. Creative and Cultural Practices:
  2. Culture and Regional Studies,
  3. Digital Innovation
  4. Health Sciences and Well-being

These research department further carry various research areas: like under Creative and Cultural Practices, students can choose media and cultural studies. The subject of English, politics and various parts of history is under Cultural and Regional Studies. All computer related research can be taken under Digital Innovation. Nursing and health areas can be covered health Sciences and well-being.

Online PhD

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