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The University of Bolton

Online Doctorate UK

Online Doctorate UK

The University of Bolton is a public university located within Bolton, Greater Manchester. The university is a younger university originally established in 1982 as an institute for higher education. The university gained its university status in 2004 officially becoming the University of Bolton. The school is a smaller school composed of less than 10,000 students and holds a significant distance learning platform.

Online Doctorate UK

Description: The University of Bolton is pleased to be able to offer distance learning programs for their international applicants as well as their domestic applicants Entry into these PhD programs is competitive and progress is continually monitored. Students that fail to maintain adequate progress may find themselves dismissed from their programs. Supervisors are always present to help the students develop their educations in a way that suites the student best.

Funding: There are many different forms of funding for distance PhD programs. PhD scholarships are available for distance learning programs and are available through the university as well as outside funding sources.

Restrictions: Each of these programs have their own set of rules to abide by. Distance learning opportunities are not for everyone and only the most dedicated of students will be considered. If the student is unable to maintain attendance and progress alternative arrangements may have to be made. Students have to abide by all university rules even when they are not physically attending the university. Failure to comply by the rules may result in a dismissal from the program as well as the university.

Deadlines: Deadlines are important when conducting distance learning. Deadlines are how attendance is measured. Enrollment in distance learning also comes with deadlines as does funding opportunities.

Online Doctorate UK: The University of Bolton

Online Doctorate UK from University of Bolt are offered in a variety of different degree programs. Each of these degree programs are offered through the University of Bolton and are taught in a way that the students get the most out of their online educations.

  • Engineering, Product Designs and Textiles: This is one of the Doctorate Degree Programs that is offered through distance learning at the University of Bolton. Students accepted into this distance degree program must have finished their master’s degrees in a related subject field to be considered. Students will be responsible to interpret new information through means of research and practical application.
  • Built Environments: This another Online Doctorate UK degree program that is offered through distance learning at the University of Bolton. Students that are considered for this program are those students that have many years of professional work experience and a more developed understanding of their chosen profession. Students will be required to submit their applications through the Board of Studies. Students may choose action or applied research in order to further their educational goals. This degree can be taken in a part time or a full time basis.


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