Purpose of the PhD Accreditation

This article provides a guide to things that people need to know about PhD Accreditation.

What is Accreditation?

PhD Accreditation and Graduation Ceremony

PhD Accreditation and Graduation Ceremony

Accreditation is the qualification that all forms of education must be awarded to ensure the basic level of education quality. Accreditation provides proof that the school the student chooses is providing them the best education possible and that the degree that they earn will be useful and recognized.

It is crucial for students to understand the basics of accreditation so that they can ensure that they are receiving the most education for their money. There are many programs that will advertise accreditation but fail to show proof. Students that fall victim to these scams are often left with no money and no education.

PhD Accreditation – Purpose 

While there are many notable accrediting bodies in the world, the main purposes of those agencies remains the same.

  • Provide a standard for quality education
  • Encourage education institutes to raise their standards of education
  • Provide confidence in the educational system
  • Maintain accountability for the school

Things that are Important to Remember When Discussing Accreditation

There are many different things that are important when discussing accreditation. It is important for the student to take the time to educate themselves on the different accrediting bodies as each accreditation could have their own set of restrictions.

  • All notable universities, colleges, and schools will have accreditation status. If the school does not have an accreditation status then steer clear of that school. Accreditation is provided through private non-government agencies that were developed specifically for the review of education. These organizations are held by standards put forth by the United States Department of Education as well as the Council of Higher Education Accreditation.
  • Accreditation means that the school has been reviewed for academics, their recruiting processes, their faculty, course content, admission requirements, and so many more components. Schools are held accountable and are always striving to provide better accommodations in education.

PhD Accreditation – Why is Checking for Accreditation Important?

  • Students that are wishing to receive any type of government sponsored financial assistance are required to be participating at least part time in an accredited education program. This includes things such as grants, bursaries loans, and scholarships.
  • In order to transfer credits to a new school applicants must have previously gone to a school with accreditation otherwise the credits will be useless.
  • Your future employer will determine if your degree came from an accredited university or college. This could lead to you becoming unqualified for the job or being offered a lesser job because your degree didn’t come from an accredited school. You might not be eligible for employment if your degree came from a non-accredited school.
  • There are many scam schools especially when pursing your degree online through distance learning. Applicants that become victims of these scam sites are left without the tuition fees because there is not a way to return the money you spent. They are also left feeling less confident in their education as a whole. So it is very important that you must check PhD Accreditation and School Accreditation before admission.

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