Why an Online PhD UK- Facts and Realities

Online PhD UK is designed to bring free knowledge and information about online PhD or distance PhD from UK universities. The UK has established a PhD or doctorate degree program which is not only flexible but also reliable. Flexible due to the fact that the degree itself is accredited across the globe in multiple countries, and also has multiple options and various attendance programs for students who are looking to acquire it. Reliability comes into play for students who am to take their degree outside of the UK; previous rule and establishment has widely set the British educational system allowing it to still be accepted throughout the world for a plethora of career opportunities.

online PhD UK - graduates

Online PhD UK Graduates

Through comparison and contrast, the distance or online PhD UK stacks up quite well against the online US PhD. When side by side, once again, flexibility is a major factor for students and prospective students alike. The US PhD, in most scenarios, requires a specific attendance record and is very limited in the regard of fitting to the student’s schedule. The online PhD UK is research based and does not require the same attendance record, giving international students the ability to work flexibly or in some cases from their own country and still fulfill the requirements for the UK PhD. Apart from traditional UK PhDs, distance or online PhD UK programs can be categorized into three different divisions:

    • PhD by Publications
    • Split-Site PhD program
    • PhD by External Registration.

Online PhD UK – PhD by Publications:

The PhD by Publications is program in which the prospective student writes and documents their own publications over a period of time and submits them for review beneath the basis of select guidelines. These publications may include, but are not limited to, research documentation, monographs, books, etc. The candidate will prepare these publications and will be registered for PhD by Publications for the period of one and half years. In this time period, candidate will prepare his thesis under the guidance and supervisions of the university.

Online PhD UK – Split- Site PhD Programs:

The split- site PhD program allows for study outside of the university before transferring to finish up a third of their study time at the select university. Though there are a number of guidelines which need to be met, this allows for a slow integration and a unique distance learning experience.

Online PhD UK – PhD by External Registration:

Finally, the PhD by external registration allows the student to get their PhD part time, visiting the university once in a year for a few weeks to a single month for guidance and assistance. It is important to mention that very few UK universities are giving this last option.

The current site will explore all these possibilities of distance or online PhD UK in various UK universities.

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