Doctorate Degree Programs in Law and Criminal Justice

Information about Doctorate Degree Programs in Law and Criminal Justice.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Universities

Doctorate Degree Programs – Universities

There are several educational paths for those who wish to go above and beyond and help protect people and serve our justice system. Regardless of the specialization that you choose a doctorate degree program is the highest educational program that you can participate in. Doctorate degree recipients on average make at least $30,000 more than bachelor degree recipients in the criminal justice fields.

Doctorate Degree Programs  – Different Types

There are many different avenues to pursue when considering criminal justice.

PhD in Criminal Justice

Summary: A PhD degree program in criminal justice paves the way to addressing the penal system, criminal behavior, public policy, and crime prevention. These PhD degree programs typically last a full five years with course work in research methods, crime theory, academic writing, and policy analysis.

Specializations: Below are some of the most popular specializations for this degree program:

  • Criminology: Doctorate degree program that focuses on creating effective policies and works with government agencies.
  • Corrections: This program deals with the penal system and sets up future overseers of the correctional systems
  • Juvenile Justice: This deals with juveniles and working with government agencies to help improve the justice system that applies to minors.
  • Justice Administration: These deal with penal administration and set up working for the FBI or overseeing police departments.
  • Crime Scene and Forensic Science: These students analyze all the physical evidence left at crime scenes and work together with the government and law enforcement agencies to solve crimes.

Specifics: The student will undergo 2-3 whole academic years of course work and research before preparing their dissertation. The dissertation should be the length of a short novel that the student must be prepared to defend in front of a panel of faculty.

JD/Juris Doctor in Law

Summary: This is the highest level of education anyone in law can obtain. This degree program should be completed before a person can sit for their state bar exam. This is the groundwork for any successful lawyer. Acceptance into these doctorate degree programs is highly competitive and only the most successful applicants will even be considered.

Specializations: Below are some of the most popular specializations for this doctorate degree program:

  • Civil Law: These lawyers are often private practice lawyers or who work for nonprofits and provide legal counselling for things such as mortgages, trust, wills, contracts, and litigations.
  • Criminal Law: These lawyers focus on defending or prosecuting criminals. They work for the district attorney or private practices.
  • Corporate Law: These lawyers deal with business law. They advise businesses on legal matters such as mergers
  • Family Law: These lawyers work for firms or private practices. They help to coordinate divorce, child custody, adoption, and other various familiar issues.
  • Environmental Law: These lawyers help businesses stay within the guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and other various groups.

Because of the high demand for these various Doctorate Degree Programs or PhD degree programs many universities have started offering these programs through distance learning.

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