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This article provides information about the MPhil degree award.

What is an MPhil?

MPhil - Graduation Ceremony

MPhil – Graduation Ceremony

The MPhil is one of the more uncommon master’s degrees. It is a research degree that is similar to a PhD except that it does not require originality. It takes existing theories and research and builds upon them to help reshape them and make them better. It is the type of research that helps to lead to new testing and solutions for known problems.

An MPhil is not a failed PhD. It is a separate degree award based on research. The program was highly sought after in the late 1960’s and early 70’s but has experienced a decline. It is referred to at times as a failed PhD because some students that set out to accomplish a PhD don’t always accomplish that goal. The MPhil is a research degree that failed PhD candidates can apply themselves towards.

MPhil – Key Considerations

There are numerous reasons why students would choose to conduct an MPhil degree programs. Some of those reasons are compiled below:

  • The MPhil program is significantly shorter than a PhD programs. This is a convenient option for students who do not have the time or the money to participate in a PhD program.
  • These students can opt for the MPhil degree and be allowed to work in research settings. Many times the MPhil can also lay the ground works for a later PhD degree. Students have the opportunity to conduct the MPhil degree program and then transfer it to a PhD program.
  • The MPhil is a prestigious award in its own way and should be considered as such. There is no shame in changing your PhD ambitions to a more reliable MPhil decision. The MPhil can save you money and there are funding opportunities for MPhil because it is a lesser known degree program.
  • Students who were originally in a PhD program who find that they are unable to submit an original thesis can always opt for a MPhil so that they do not have to leave their studies with no type of reward.

The Outlook after MPhil

It is true that in order to become a lecturer or a researcher you have to hold a PhD. This is not the end of the world in academics for recipients of an MPhil. In academics recipients of MPhil can become:

  • Research Assistant
  • Project Manager
  • Lab Tech
  • Teaching Fellow

Outside of academics holders of the MPhil have done many progressive things. Many have become directors of higher education or they have opted to become managers of large pharmaceutical companies. Others have gone on to develop different types of research and have worked to improve the existing quality of research.

Regardless of the avenue that the student chooses to go they will be seen as a successful candidate to future employers. In today’s society employers will gladly accept the master’s degree as an indicator of the capabilities of their future employee.



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