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This article provides information about the University of East London and their distance/online PhD programs.

The University of East London

Online PhD UK - Universities

Online PhD UK – Universities

The University of East London is a public university of research that was first established in 1892 as a technical institute. It wasn’t until 1992 that the university was awarded its university status. The university caters to over 28,000 students annually with its central campus located within London, England. The university has two additional campuses in Docklands and Stratford. The university boasts a large international foothold catering to over 120 countries.

Online PhD UK Programs

Online PhD UK: The University of East London describes a distance learning program offered through the University of East London. This intricate program offers students the ability to complete their doctoral programs from home. These programs are developed so that students will spend a month at the university at the beginning of their programs in order to attend their inductions as well as create a contract with the Director of Studies. This contract will help demonstrate the requirements for the program such as attendance and supervisors.

It is crucial that students pass the first 18 months of their programs to ensure that they are allowed to continue with this distance learning option. The agreement will stand as a written contract that must be abided by. The distance learning option allows students the ability to learn their chosen trade without having to spend time at the university. With this online PhD program it offers students the opportunity to be visited by their supervisors on their own home turf to receive support and assistance. All of these additional benefits will be outlined in the written agreement between the student and the Director of Studies.

Split-Site PhD Programs

Split-site PhD programs are another doctoral program that is offered through the University of East London. This option is available for students that are wishing to undertake their higher education overseas. Students that wish to participate in this program will have to be under individual scrutiny by the universities. With split-site programs the student will have to work closely with one or more supervisors from different universities in order to make the whole program possible. The home university and the overseas universities will have to work in partnership in order to allow the student the best opportunity for education.

Students that are participating in these split-site PhD programs will be admitted into both universities as a part time or a full time student. Students are free to switch their enrollment status as long as both universities agree to the changes. It is essential that students pass the first 12 months of their academic program to be allowed to continue with the split-site PhD scheme. Attendance requirements will be outlined in the initial contract or agreement between the student and the universities that are participating in the exchange program. It is important that students find out which universities have active partnerships with the University of East London to ensure that the split-site programs are successful as possible.

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