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What is a Joint PhD?

Joint PhD - Universities

Joint PhD – Universities

Joint PhD’s are PhD degree programs that are completed through two different universities working together to provide the best educational opportunity for the individual student. This type of doctorate degree is also commonly referred to as split-site PhD programs. The student who is conducting this joint PhD program will be fully registered with both universities. The result of these programs is that the student will either be awarded a joint doctorate degree or will be awarded two separate doctoral degrees.

The concept of joint PhD programs originated in France and has evolved to allow students access to numerous research facilities and to be under the guidance of at least two academic supervisors who work together to ensure success. It is thought that these programs allow for a more diverse research opportunity.

The Different Types of Joint PhD Programs.

There are three different types of joint PhD programs.

  1. Pre-Defined Project: This type is the most common and easiest to navigate. This means that two universities already have a standing partnership with each other.
  2. Established High Level University PhD Schemes: This PhD program is slightly harder to navigate. This is where the partnership stands between more than two different universities.
  3. Joint PhD: This is the DIY type of joint PhD program and is the hardest to accomplish. This is where the student initiates the partnership between two universities that have previously never been linked with a formal partnership or agreement.

Why Consider Joint PhD’s?

There are many reasons why an individual might consider taking part in a joint PhD program. Many people believe that joint PhD programs allow for a more diverse research opportunity and that the universities offering these programs are amongst the most prestigious in the country.

Joint PhD programs are not easy. They take more time and effort than traditional PhD programs. They take a special type of student who is willing to put in the extra work mediating between two universities and two supervisors.

Some of the benefits of joint PhD programs are:

  • Joint PhD programs are considered prestigious because they are harder to accomplish. This could give you a leg up when searching for a job.
  • They allow students to become immersed in different cultures and approaches to research
  • They give students access to two research facilities and two professional advisors

Examples of Joint PhD Programs:

The best examples of Joint PhD Programs can be doing your Joint PhD in Educational Studies via any of these universities:

  1. University of Windsor
  2. Lakehead University
  3. Brock University
  4. University of Western Ontario

The other example can be doing your PhD via Academic Partner PhD with University of Nottingham, It allows students to stay at their place and attendant nearby institution. You must attend 18 months at Nottingham but rest part of your PhD can be spent at your local University. For this kind of arrangement, you must need an agreement between your chosen university and university of Nottingham.

Funding Opportunities for Joint PhD Programs

There are many funding schemes that specifically target joint PhD programs. Many countries have entered into partnerships to help cover the expenses of joint PhD programs between their countries. It is important to research your options. The following are a few of the organizations that address funding needs for joint PhD programs.

  • French Embassy Studentships
  • Leverhulme Trust
  • Erasmus Mundus

How to Apply?

This depends on the type of joint program you are working towards. Some universities advertise joint programs and allows you to apply specifically for the program. In all cases for joint PhD programs the student must be accepted into both universities and both programs of their choice. They must contact the supervisors that they feel works best with them and get them to agree to work together. Once this step is met the student must wait for the universities to decide if there is merit in the program and decide if they are going to accept the joint program.

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