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Doing PhD Program | Your Weekly Pattern

This article provides an insight into what it is like to undertake an average week in a PhD Program.

The Anticipation

PhD Program - Universities

PhD Program – Universities

As many new students get ready to embark on their PhD studies many come into the program not knowing what to expect. They have all already heard the horror stories about no sleep, studying all the time, with no time for their social lives. Many students will come in with questions relating to how much they will have to study. Will there be time to even eat? It is time to put some of those anxieties to bed and introduce applicants to a typical PhD program week.


PhD Program – The Patterns

The first thing that applicants need to know is that there is no such thing as a typical program week. It is up to the individual applicant to arrange their schedules in a way that works best for them. This will depend on a large number of factors:

  • The subject area that you have dedicated your studies to. Students have to orient their schedules in a way that includes applicable lab or teaching time.
  • The student’s individual learning style. Not everyone is going to be able to learn the same way and some students have a unique way of learning. It is important to identify your own brand of learning and be able to adapt it into a schedule that works for you.
  • The schedule will depend on what stage you are at in your program. Beginning PhD applicants will be more research oriented while older PhD students will be dedicating time to work on their dissertations.
  • University regulations and supervisor meetings.

Putting the Hours In

Working on PhD programs will take up a large amount of the students’ time. Many PhD students will tell you that they dedicate an average of 30-70 hours weekly on their PhD programs depending on the degree area. It is almost impossible to work or carry on much of a social life outside of these PhD programs.

Most students are driven to dedicate more time to their degree programs due to the restrictions on their financial aid such as scholarships. Many PhD scholarships will cover students completely for three years and anything after that will be left up to the student to figure out. PhD programs are expensive and students are motivated to complete their degrees while they are being covered.


Attendance is a very big part of PhD programs. The attendance policy doesn’t only cover labs and class time but it also covers visits with your supervisor. The supervisor is there to help students working through their degree programs by providing guidance and assistance when needed. Attendance also extend to cover all assignments that the student will be expected to complete during their studies. It is important to keep up appropriate attendance.

PhD Program – Responsibilities

There are many responsibilities that PhD students undertake while they are completing their PhD Degrees. Many PhD Programs make it the student’s responsibility to conduct their studies and ensure their own academic success. It is also the student’s responsibility to address their concerns with their supervisors.

PhD Programs Accredited by APA

Online PhDs now become a viable option to further your knowledge and skills in certain field of study. Thanks to the advent of technology, PhD programs can now be accessed through the Internet with greater flexibility in time and affordability.

There are many PhD and PsyD programs accredited by the American Psychological Association or APA. These programs offer you a better edge in the real world of business and other sectors of the industry.

Among the colleges or universities offering these online PhD programs are listed below:

PhD Programs – Adler School of Professional Psychology

PhD Programs Graduation

PhD Programs Graduation

This school provides you with a doctoral degree that puts emphasis on the field of clinical psychology by means of its distance learning program awarding students with doctorate degree in psychology. This is a curriculum that can be completed in 114 credit hours. It follows the practitioner training model mainly in seven disciplines such as intervention, relationship, research, assessment, consultation and education, research and evaluation, individual and cultural diversity, and management and supervision. Tuition fee in this school may vary based upon the campus where you attended the course. It usually includes deposit of $500 and an application fee of $50.

Argosy University

Argosy University provides an online PsyD degree in the fields of clinical psychology and school psychology. The university has many onsite-campuses for you to choose from including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Chicago. It offers you full doctoral research including practicum and full dissertation track options. This program may cost you $988 in each credit hour other than its application fee of $50.

Fielding Graduate University

Fielding is a graduate school highly regarded as an APA accredited program in clinical psychology awarding doctorate degree in clinical psychology and media psychology. It is notable to be an integrative online learning center operated and backed by a knowledgeable and expert faculty and staff. It prides itself to be unique since it is the lone distributed learning PhD in clinical psychology authorized by APA to offer this program. This PhD requires you to take 144 credit hours with an annual tuition fee of $21,300, an application of $75, and a registration of $850.

Philadelphia College

The PsyD in clinical psychology program in this school is administered and delivered by 24 professors. The program focuses on your ability to work in various clinical settings, but does not offer a lot of specializations. However, it provides great opportunities of earning post-doctorate certifications for clinical neuropsychology and clinical health psychology. This curriculum is specially designed to be completed in five years and should include your coursework, practical training, and dissertations. Its tuition fee amounts to $16,184 annually excluding the necessary travel, books, and other supplies. Just like any other colleges and universities and other PhD programs, it has an application fee of $50.

The primary concern of APA in accrediting these online PhD programs is to address the insufficiency of regulation in training as well as in supervision. It is anticipated that accreditation will increase once the Commission on Accreditation of APA integrates with the proposed Implementing Regulations or IRs on telesupervision and distance education.

Doctorate Degree in Optometry

Generally, to have an education in optometry requires a graduate and an undergraduate degree. Most optometrists can be found working in private practice, while some of them have specialization in specific areas, such as in geriatrics or pediatrics. This is the time when high level of academic attainment is necessary, specifically a Doctorate Degree or a PhD. This advanced course requires students great investment, in terms of money and time. In fact, some educational institutions provide programs that are designed to cater the needs of diverse students.

Doctorate Degree - Graduation

Doctorate Degree – Graduation

It is a standard to attain a bachelor’s degree before starting this doctoral program. This course usually takes four years to be fully-completed. It has a number of undergraduate coursework requirements before successful admission including areas in education, biology, health, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. However, this degree is not just limited to these subjects as you can also take any other major courses as long as students are able to complete all the required coursework. Interested applicants for this degree program should take the admissions test that is designed to assess the academic ability and scientific comprehension of the students in general chemistry, physics, biology, organic chemistry, quantitative reasoning, and reading comprehension.

Doctorate Degree -Course Work Structure

Doctorate Degree in this field of study focuses on the structure, function, and diseases or disorders of the eye. This can be achieved after four more years of study after completing students’ undergraduate work and obtaining admission to an accredited school for this field. The graduate coursework for this doctoral degree includes study in the areas of physiology, human anatomy, eye diseases, vision and vision disorders, biochemistry, and systemic diseases that may affect the eye.

Research in this doctoral degree puts emphasis on the normal and abnormal processes in vision, eye disorders and diseases, and visual pathways. Students in this degree work on various ways to keep vision loss in different approaches, which may have a wide range from molecular and cellular to optical or behavioral.

After attaining their doctorate Degree, some optometrists get involve in residency programs to advance their preparation beyond their entry-level practice. This residency usually lasts at least 12 months. Among the residency concentrations for this post-graduate study are vision therapy and rehabilitation, primary eye care, and pediatrics, family practice and geriatrics.

All optometrists are also required to take part in continuing studies so that they will be updated with new information about this field and maintain their licenses.

Among the reputable schools offering Doctorate Degree in this field study include the Indiana University, the Ohio State University, the State University of New York, and the University of Houston. These accredited colleges and universities offering this course maybe affiliated with hospitals, clinics, and military institutions. This approach may help graduates of the course have a venue to have practical experience their profession through internship programs. This may also give them greater chance to be absorbed by these institutions if they conform to the performance of the students during internship.

Part-Time PhD

Every undertaking and every dream we wish for in life is not that easy to achieve. Education is no exemption and taking it to the highest level is quiet challenging.

Part-Time PhD

Part-Time PhD

Pursuing your academic endeavor in PhD degree is a lengthy task, which requires a lot of responsibilities and self-discipline. This program can be taken in a full-time or part-time or as a distance PhD, depending on your availability.

Part-Time PhD – Admission Tips

This article deals with Part-time PhD, its specific study areas or specializations and the things to be considered to help PhD students get their PhD successfully.

Ensure that your school and its committee allow you to get Part-time PhD. It is not advisable for you to take this mileage if the members of your committee, especially your major professor, are not supportive to you.

Select an area of knowledge that you are passionate about. This will give you a fighting spirit of getting the course, notwithstanding your other commitments in life such as your work or family. In fact, you will be physically ill or depressed if you are prevented from working on a course that you really wanted to pursue.

Motivate yourself by striving for a full personal alignment. See to it that the topic you chose to study for PhD is aligned with your job so that you can make it through, both your PhD and work. Do not just focus into either your job or studies, unless the circumstance really demands for it. This is especially true in case you do not have passion in your preferred field of specification.

Ensure the relevance of your study field to your committee to avoid having trouble in keeping your committee intact. This is very true for Part-time PhD students as your primary goal is to have your committee together for longer time than being a full-time PhD student. However, there are difficulties that you may encounter here. One difficulty you may encounter is that the duration of most funded projects tends to be appropriate for full-time programs, rather than the part-time programs. Another difficulty is the fact that you need to be first out with certain topic to be eligible for the degree. Remember that being first is not that easy to maintain as there are many other students who strive to win.

Strive to fund you own studies. It will not be significant for your work to be included in the currently funded projects of your committee if you are paying it yourself or through other grant or scholarship. Your work in this case may serve as a chance for you committee to explore a new area that allows you to identify whether or not this area is sufficient for further funded work. Remember the fact that you are a part-time student with a daily job. If you are paying your own education cost, you will be free from the coercion of project durations for customary research.

Have tolerance in uncertainties as PhD students usually encounter high degrees of uncertainty.

Despite the disadvantages mentioned above, taking Part-time PhD while working can be a great and enjoyable experience if you will just do your part as a student.

How to Get a PhD in Computer Science Online

PhD serves as the highest achievable academic degree representing the top intellectual attainment and knowledge or expertise. It is offered in a wide variety of programs including education, pharmacy, engineering, nursing, humanities, business management, arts, public administration, computer science, IT and Technology.

PhD in Computer Science – Admission Tips

PhD in Computer Science - Graduation

PhD in Computer Science – Graduation

This article will focus on PhD in Computer Science and on how to be admitted in this course. This doctorate course is highly regarded as the key to get the most lucrative jobs in the field of technology. It is not an easy task to get enrolled in this course, but it is very much possible. Below are some of the essential and helpful tips that you may follow for a successful entry to this course:

  • Make a firm decision as to the specific course that you would like to pursue, the cost of its tuition, the time to complete the course, its residency requirements, the specialties of its available faculty or staff, and its flexible options.
  • Be careful and cautious in choosing PhD in Computer Science course according to what you would want to do after completing it. For example, if your company pays for the course, its cost will probably be less significant. Meanwhile, if you opt to teach in an educational institution, school prestige is of utmost relevant.
  • Assess the school where you want to be enrolled by talking to its alumni. Try to ask them what interest them to take the course, their disappointments or concerns, and whether or not they are confident enough to recommend the institution to their friends. Keep in mind that it is of the school’s objective to have advocates in the network of its alumni.
  • Try to read academic papers published and generated by PhD in Computer Science students. You can be certain that the faculty of the school is experts in the updated technology if its students strengthen computer science theory and technology.
  • Anticipate the time that you will be spending in your PhD since this course is quite challenging even in best times. Be better prepared to spend your free and leisure time in your studies online.
  • Before starting your course, make sure you have sufficient support structure at work and at home as well as the availability of appropriate tools in integrating with your fellow virtual students.
  • It is very vital for you to have plenty of time keep up on your work and on your industry by quickly computing the changes in your studies.
  • Because you prefer to get your PhD program online, you have to bear or pay the entire cost of your studies unless you have a sponsor or study grant or scholarship, which is not usually available for online PhDs. The average cost for the course usually reached about $740 in each semester hour excluding technology and other school fees.

Get a PhD in Computer Science now and land in your ever-dreamed job such as an information scientist, software engineer, chief information officer (CIO), computer and information systems manager, and computer scientist.

Distance PhD in India

PhD is generally defined as the highest level of education offered to students who wish to enhance their knowledge and expertise in specific study area. It is offered offline or online and Part-time PhD in various colleges or universities throughout the world. The following article will delve into the Distance PhD in India.

Distance PhD

Distance PhD

Just like any countries across the globe, this country also offers distance learning PhD programs to interested students in various disciplines such as public administration, education, humanities, engineering, communication, business management, industrial development, and arts. However, this level of education is requires a lot of research work and reading. This suggests that pursuing distance learning in PhD allows you to save a lot of time and provides other conveniences such as your own time and location.

It can be noted that the country initially offered Distance PhD program to foster higher education in rural communities and became more notable worldwide. Private universities or colleges and the country’s Open Universities in different states offer distance learning PhD programs.

Every student has their own reason in selecting distance learning, primarily its cost. Distance learning is remarkable for its being cheaper than on-campus study environment. It enables you to complete the entire coursework on your specified schedule without going to the class in person. It is often notable among nontraditional students such as working students, working parents, and those who do not have means of transportation going to school campus. Many Americans also prefer to take their distance learning PhD degree here since English is the medium of instruction in this country.

Distance PhD – Eligibility

The criteria for eligibility for Distance PhD varies depending on the college or university where you are enrolled. One criterion is the submission of a thesis and defending it in front of a panel of experts on your field of study. Another requirement for this programme is a successful completion of advanced courses in line with your study field. You will be required to hold a master’s in philosophy. Many other accredited educational institutions may also require you to take specific amount of coursework in a certain subject.

With the continuous growth of our modern society, along with the technological advancement, more and more students opt to get their PhD by means of distance learning. One reason here is that distance learning PhD meets the demands and needs of individuals who were not able to attend their on-campus classes due to financial constraints or other commitments in life. Another reason is that distance learning saves students’ time as they are not restrained to the classroom for several hours in a daily basis. It also offers expansive and new options of institutions for distance learning.

Among the Indian Distance Learning institutes offering distance learning PhD include Annamalai University, Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages, Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University, Indira Gandhi National Open University, International Institute of Information Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Karnataka State Open University, Kota Open University, Netaji Subhas Open University, Pondicherry University, and Yashwatrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU).

Distance PhD may give you greater chances of having careers in various private sector offices, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), or government agencies or organizations.

PhD in Education

This article will provide an overview of PhD in Education, its structure, specialization, and admission requirements.

Notable to be the highest form of academic attainment in education, PhD is being offered wide variety of knowledge specializations. These study areas may include education, public administration, engineering, business, arts, humanities, health, and industrial arts. 

Primarily, PhD in Education is specifically designed for professionals who are also practitioners in the field of education. Among them are those in private or public colleges or universities, professional organizations, government or community agencies, and other settings related to education. This degree program covers study and practice in the fields of educational and counseling research.

PhD in Education

PhD in Education

This PhD degree offers an advanced professional education designed for the improvement of skills and knowledge vital in existing or planned counseling and educational roles. It is also significant in the development of analytical ability in economic, social, ethical, and political issues as well as the issues associated to their relationship to different community and educational activities and situations.

PhD in Education exposes graduate students to various intensive courses, seminars, independent studies, and internships. High degree of self-directed learning, personal initiative, and commitment to inquiry for professional and personal growth are required to be successful in this degree. It conducts information sessions to enable students or applicants to be acquainted with the program and the process of admission.

The structure of this PhD encompasses individualized study requiring students to take a minimum of general culture, educational research, and doctoral research in addition to their specialization and secondary emphasis in the fields within or beyond education. This degree has portfolio reviews of documents intended in facilitating the professional and academic development of the students. Its doctoral dissertation, a requirement for PhD completion, demonstrates the mastery of the skills and expertise of the students. The students will then be recommended for the degree following the completion of the dissertation.

Among the specialized professional areas for this PhD are higher education, counseling and development, literacy and reading, education leadership, special education, education policy, teaching and teacher education, educational psychology, international education, and early childhood education.

To be qualified for PhD in Education, interested students for the course should have earned a master’s or bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university; official transcripts of records from universities and colleges attended; graduate application form with application fee; letters of recommendation from professional references; at least three years work experience in community educational, or human services environment; official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test scores, updated resume; and any other additional, pertinent documents for admission. These requirements may also vary from school to school and specialization to specialization. For PhD in Education, some universities also require students to have secondary emphasis of scholarship other than a professional specialization to see to it that students are properly exposed to the research methods and concepts of a specialty or an interdisciplinary field of study. This emphasis normally takes 12 semester hours of credit to be completed.

Berkeley-Haas PhD Program

The Berkeley-Haas PhD Program provides you academic study in seven fields. This program allows you to work and study closely with the school’s faculty members since there are only 14 to 16 students enrolled here annually. This close cooperation between faculty and students, along with the high intellectual ability and diverse cultural and academic background of the students creates intellectual excitement and strong partnership.

Berkeley-Haas PhD Program - Graduation

Berkeley-Haas PhD Program – Graduation

This is specifically designed and oriented toward research and discipline among the graduate students. It prepares you to the proper assessment of expertise in your chosen field of study and further your knowledge through theory application from mathematics, business, social sciences, or statistics.

Berkeley-Haas PhD Program – Stages

The instruction for this is categorized into three general phases. The first phase involves the coursework in fundamental and advanced subjects for two years. Usually, both second and third phases can be completed from two to three years. As a student of this program, you will be required to serve as research or teaching assistant for one or more semesters of the entire program. If you are interested in applying for this program, you will be required to select a specific study to identify the proper coursework for you and emphasize the suitable employment opportunities for your future career development.

Among these programs include business and public policy, Eligible students for any of the above-mentioned study fields are entitled for admission in this PhD program. The applicants are chosen based on their high scholarly ability level in qualitative and quantitative skills, career objectives consistent with the program and strong drive to complete the challenges of this academic program. To be admitted at the university, applicants should complete or submit three recommendation letters,transcripts, and curriculum vitae. They should pass the Management Admission Test (GMAT) and Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) as well as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for international applicants. Applicants are also required to pay for the program’s application fee.

If you are busy enough for your family, work or other commitments, you can also apply online through its secure online application, which is made available every second Monday of the month of September. It is being advised that applicants need to review the application form’s Accuracy of Information page before beginning the application. This page will give you information about your application and academic records and how they will be used.

It will also help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student. Before submitting your application to Berkeley-Haas PhD Program, check and review its checklist to see to it that all the sections are completed and that all the pertinent documents and materials are included. You may the follow-up the status of your application by directly contacting the department or program to which you have applied. The department will also you notification whether or not you are admitted to the program.

Online PhD

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