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Doctor of Philosophy or PhD degree is considered the highest education level attainable by graduate students. This degree is offered in various fields of knowledge including education, philosophy, psychology, public administration, nursing, health, business, arts, and engineering. It can be taken both offline and online. The following article delves into online PhD in Great Britain or UK.

Online PhD - Universities

Online PhD – Universities

It can be noted that United Kingdom is notable in providing educational opportunities to its students. Practically, you might find it difficult to grab these chances through traditional school enrollment if you already have a family, you are already adult, or you are already working. However, this can now be addressed through the proliferation of online PhD being offered by a number of colleges or universities in the country.

Online PhD – Famous Schools

History accounts the University of London as the first school to offer a degree through distance learning throughout the world. It is noted that a lot of soldiers enroll in the External Program during World War II as the Geneva Convention rules that prisoners of war be permitted to receive mail such as packages. In fact, it notes that about 11,000 exams were taken at over 88 prison camps across the country between 1940 and 1945.

However, several people were not able to attend traditional school because of geographic location and cost. This learning allows an educated population to become highly educated. This can be seen in the survey showing that the country is first in the rank in terms of academic institutions providing PhD through online education as of August 2009. Cost serves as the most appealing benefit that students may attain from this doctoral degree. It is true that online education is less costly than its traditional counterpart. However, the cost referred here is not just money itself, but it also includes time. Another advantage of taking up this degree is to boost the career of the students. It also benefits the society by permitting those who were unable to take the course.

Attending to any educational institution in this country would be the best option for those who wish to attain an accredited online PhD. The country prides itself to have a reputation of solid foundation to reach your academic objectives in online education for over 150 years. It notes that most PhD study here is independently and most of the coursework, study and research ended up to dissertation writing or other published works. It does not even require specific number of years for residency under a great learning system that can be accessed easily at a limited time. The PhD programs offered here come from well-established educational institutions.

After an initial online PhD from any college is granted, graduates will now have great potential in advanced doctorates. This is the time when allowing students to continue their work is more cost-effective and practical. This will qualify them to take studies and complete the required publication and coursework with minimum traditional education investment.

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