PhD in Psychology at the University of Bath

The Mphil and PhD in Psychology at the University of Bath encompasses three areas of research. Among these research areas are health psychology, applied cognition and technology, and social processes.

PhD in Psychology - Graduation

PhD in Psychology – Graduation

Students under this course should conduct supervised research in a certain field of knowledge that interests them most. They are required to write their research as a valuable thesis for use by students who also want to further their knowledge and expertise. The final stage of this course is in the form of oral and examination requiring students to produce and defend their thesis to the university’s Board of Examiners.

The applicants of this PhD in psychology are required to write their own research proposal covering information or details of two supervisors who might consider your application for the course. Your application should best describe how their research interests complement the interests of the supervisors. You should mention in your application whether or not you have already contacted them. Mention how your undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications or eligibility and work experience help you prepare for the research that you want to conduct and the reason that you opt to study at the university. Ensure that your proposal will not exceed over four pages in length and should include a short description of your research’s objectives, historical background, investigation methods, and benefits to research.

PhD in Psychology – Duration

This PhD in Psychology is made available in a full-time or part-time basis. It can be completed full-time from one to four years and part-time from two to six years. The university notes that its part-time enrollment for this program is offered to residents of Great Britain or to those who can be available for personal supervision at least once or thrice in the second semester. By the time this condition fails, the registration for the course will be discontinued automatically.

The entry requirements for this course include undergraduate qualifications, postgraduate qualifications, and two academic references. Interested applicants should have attained a first or upper second class honours degree in the field of psychology or an equivalent of this course from a reputable accredited college. They should have earned a master’s level or any appropriate research training.

The college also accepts applications on a case-by-case basis, where applicants have a combination of published papers or academic work with utmost quality, a significant diploma with high rating, essential professional qualifications, and responsible experience in certain field of study.

Foreign or international students are also required to show evidence of their good English language skills. These students should at least 7.0 rating in their International English Language Testing System (IELTS), 600 at their Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and a score of at least four Test of Written English (TWE) or 100 in Internet-based test.

Application for this PhD in Psychology course can also be done online making a search for a research course that captures your interest, filling out the application form provided in the website, submitting the form, and tracking the application.

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