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The Technology Age

PhD Programs at university of nottingham

PhD Programs at university of nottingham

Technology is ever evolving. Within the past few centuries technology has grown from basic instruments to computers that we can hold in our hands, full security and housing systems on a tablet, and numerous other inventions. Computers make up a large portion of our lives and businesses. There is a high dependence on computers and other technological advances and the need for people trained in technology and computer sciences is growing rapidly.

PhD Programs – Kinds

There are many different avenues a student can choose to take when deciding which technical degree is the right pathway for them. Education is important when dealing with technology because consumers want to deal with someone that has an advanced knowledge of technology not someone who just has a basic understanding.

  • Computer Science PhD, DBA, or DCS: These three degrees are offered in the computer science field.
    • PhD Computer Science: Students that choose this route are normally research students. These students will focus on one set of problems and commit themselves to deep research. PhD in Computer Science normally spend 6 years working on their doctorate.
    • DCS: This stands for Doctor of Computer Sciences. This is a research degree. Students will conduct extended research and work on their thesis in information systems management or computer theory.
    • DBA: This stands for Doctor of Business Administration in Computer Science. This avenue of degree is for more business oriented students who are seeking solutions.
  • PhD in Information Security Systems: This degree area deals with information security and how it is essential to protect ourselves, our businesses, and our governments. There are three very good reasons to consider earning a PhD in Information Systems:
  1. Homeland Security. Individuals with a PhD in Information Security Systems may be eligible to work in Homeland Security.
  2. Individuals with this PhD are awarded opportunities to work with both private and public sectors to help stop hackers from illegally recording sensitive information.
  3. Individuals with this PhD are offered positions in software development companies to help prevent data leaks.
  • DM or DCS Information Systems: These two degrees cover information systems.
    • DM: This stands for the Doctor of Management in Information Systems. Individuals with this distinction are concentrated on the administrative side of information systems.
    • DCS: This stands for the Doctor of Computer Sciences in Information Systems. This is another research doctorate where you will be required to write a thesis on information systems.
  • PhD Programs in Information Technology

    Information technology is one of the most rapidly expanding branches of technology. These candidates can choose to work freelance or consult with other business firms. Many with this distinction become professors. PhD Information Technology degrees can also be earned online.

  • DBA or PhD in Computer Data Security: Hackers are a huge problem for big business and private sectors. It is even an issue for our government. Earning either a PhD Programs or a DBA in Computer Data Security will allow you the knowledge and skills needed to be employed by these sectors to help eliminate hacking and cyber terrorism.

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