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To get a doctorate degree through online learning, one must comply with the requirements of the course.

Online PhD Degree Programs - Graduation

Online PhD Degree Programs – Graduation

Before you are allowed to start your doctoral study, make sure that you have completed your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, this can either be in business administration or masters in education. The qualifying exam for doctoral study is usually given by the candidate’s committee. The student under the PhD program will undergo extensive training and in-depth research and will write a book-length thesis as a final requirement of the program.

Online PhD Degree Programs – Course Outline

Coursework is usually completed within 3 to four semesters of full time study. Once the coursework is completed, the student is required to undergo qualifying exam in preparation for his or her full length thesis or independent research. If the student successfully completed the program, he or she will be titled “Doctor”.

Accreditation for doctoral study is a serious matter primarily because doctorate degree is an elite degree and probably the highest level of education one can attain. Only accredited institution can grant a doctorate degree. Accrediting agencies or external bodies thoroughly check the school if it is with high quality standard of education and is allowed to offer doctorate degree both on campus study and off campus learning or distance learning.

Today, schools and universities which are offering Online PhD Degree Programs are all accredited by the agency or external bodies. These schools are not allowed to grant a doctorate degree if they do not have the accreditation that has been granted by the accrediting agency.

Online PhD Degree Programs require at least a year of full time study to be able to meet every requirement that the program has been offering.

Most popular online PhD Degree Programs include Education (PhD; EdD) which prepares students for advanced academic teachings and administrative works and careers. The PhD in Business or the Doctor of Business Administration (PhD;DBA) is in preparation for research and business teachings.

Online PhD Degree Programs like Public Health or Doctoral Degrees in Public Health (PhD;DPH) is an area of online PhD study which focus on public health policy studies. If your interest or passion is serving the community especially in health or social health fields, the DPH is a good choice.

PhD in Psychology and Doctor of Psychology (PhD;PsyD) can be earned either online learning or through traditional structured on campus study which offers research and counselling degree. Sub-specialties of the programs includes counselling psychology, clinical psychology, organizational psychology and educational psychology, all are learned through extensive and in-depth theoretical and applied learning.

Regardless of your choice of doctorate program and your choice of school and the method of teaching either on or off campus learning, the success of your doctorate degree will still depend on you. Your passion in learning advanced technical and theoretical skills and knowledge and your strong desire to complete the online PhD Degree Programs is still the major factor in your success whether you are training through distance or online learning or the traditional on campus study.

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