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This article portrays real student challenges in PhD Programs.

PhD Programs

PhD Programs

Undertaking a PhD program is a delicate process. Students have to balance school with work and their social lives. At times it can seem like the program is never going to end and many students will become very tired of the subject. These are just some of the few challenges that face PhD students. It also becomes more difficult when the teacher is also a PhD student. Many PhD Programs now offer assistantships that allow the PhD student to help assist and at times teach their class. It is a process that helps to build confidence, experience, and professionalism.

PhD Programs- Tips for Student Teachers

In the list below some tips have been shown to help PhD student teachers identify with other PhD students in a productive manner. Working together to identify the problem is one of the first stepping stones of resolving the problem.

  • Try to Identify: It is important to make a connection with other PhD students. This will be easier since the student will be on the same grounds as you. Sometimes PhD students will respond better to other students’ even student teachers. Take the time to single out some of the more problematic students and never be afraid to approach students or teachers after class. Try to get to the root of the issue. Many times there might be an unresolved issues or other problems that make it harder for the student to focus. Being there and helping them work through their problems is important for healthy resolution.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help: If you or your student starts having issues never be afraid to seek help. This can include supervisors, department heads, and administration. These people are put into place to help you succeed. Other teacher or supervisors might have access to additional resources that can help the student conduct their PhD programs effectively.
  • Don’t Take it Personally: This is one of the hardest rules to follow because everyone gets their feelings hurt. It is important that if you have an altercation with another student or with a teacher that you work to peacefully resolve the issue. This can lead to better working partnerships as well as dissolve any additional stress that you might be experiencing. You might also find that you and these other students are not as different as you seem.
  • Share Your Experiences: It is important that you share your own experiences with others to help make you a more successful student. Take time to record your experiences in a reflective journal. This practice helps you to clear your mind and also gives you a reference point when you are using your own experiences to make a point.
  • Be Adaptable: This is important for student teaching as well as being in a PhD Programs. Things happen in life that demand flexibility. It is important that you demonstrate flexibility in all that you do pertaining to your PhD program. Flexibility equals less stress.



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