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Numerous educational institutions are now offering online PhD programs besides its traditional counterpart. PhD degree programs are offered in a wide variety of areas of knowledge such as in business, health, governance, philosophy, humanities, education, arts, nursing. However, the following article delves into Online PhD  in Nursing courses.

Online PhD in Nursing - Graduation

Online PhD in Nursing – Graduation

Online PhD in Nursing that is intended for nurses prepares you for advanced clinical practice in research and medical care facilities and for positions in academic institutions’ medical research. Typically, this course is composed of academic coursework, completion of doctoral dissertation, and presentation of the completed dissertation. It primarily aims to prepare you for extensive research work and academic careers in healthcare private and public sectors. Through this course, you will be trained to take a look of patient and community health care needs. This can be seen in the analysis and development of your policy and research strategies. This will also help you develop and review methodologies and techniques that may foster the care of patients as well as its clinical outcomes. It notes that numerous universities require students to go to on-site campus for the presentation and defense of their dissertation in front of their professors and the academic community as a whole, though the course’s coursework and dissertation completion can be fully done online and in the convenience of the students.

This online PhD in Nursing degree comes in many types, which allows you to choose one that exactly fits your knowledge and ability. You need to attain at least a bachelor’s degree to be qualified for this program. There are colleges or universities that offer a combination of a master’s degree in this study field and PhD programs. This will give you an edge in this course, help you start your online coursework, and prepare you for your dissertation research.

Online PhD in Nursing – Duration

Just like the other PhD degree programs, the duration for a PhD for nurses depend on the length of time that you will be spending to complete the research and dissertation writing. The time can be determined by the level of the degree before starting the program. The completion of this doctoral program usually takes three or four years. However, it may often take five years to if you have already attained an MSN.

The admission for this Online PhD in Nursing requires you to have a bachelor’s or masters of science in this study area from a reputable college or university. You are expected to be a registered nurse in your resident state or country. Some educational institutions may require you to have attained at least an undergraduate or graduate grade-point average from 3.0 to 3.5. You are also expected to have the fundamental skills in computer and experience in browsing the Internet since you will be spending most of your study time online.

Online PhD in Nursing is primarily designed to produce graduates for employment in clinical research, health-care administration, education, and health policy. In fact, nurses with PhD doctorate degrees will have greater chance of improving health care quality as they are equipped with continuing research and extensive knowledge.

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