Doctorate Degree Programs in Arts and Humanities

This article provides information about different Doctorate Degree Programs offered in liberal arts and humanities

A PhD degree program is one of the highest levels of education provided in any degree subject. These doctorate degree programs are intended to be rigorous and only the most excellent students are able to accomplish the degree.

What Does a PhD in Liberal Arts and Humanities Involve?

Doctorate Degree Programs

Doctorate Degree Programs

Liberal arts and humanities cover a large portion of different degree programs and interests. A PhD is required for students that are considering teaching in universities or working as curators. On average a PhD degree program in liberal arts takes up to six years to complete. The outline for these PhD programs is simple:


  • Core classes: Every PhD program comes equipped with a set of core classes that all students must take in order to obtain their degree.
  • Elective Courses: These courses are chosen by the student to best accommodate their specific area of interest.
  • Research: PhD programs are research degrees and a large amount of time and effort go into research.
  • Comprehensive Exam: After all the coursework is finished the student must undergo intense testing to prove that they have mastered the subject and are qualified to move on to their dissertations.
  • Dissertation: This is the final part of the doctorate degree program. Students must compose a book length unique thesis full of their own ideas and research. They then must present and defend this research to a panel of faculty.

Doctorate Degree Programs – Different Degree Subjects

Liberal arts and humanities covers a large arrangement of subjects. The following sections will discuss the more popular choices for Doctorate Degree Program in liberal arts.

  • English and Writing: The field of English spans to cover both oral, written, and read English. Doctorate students in English normally specialize to one period or writing or linguistics. This degree also works to help students work in different sectors such as philosophy, psychology, and various other departments. PhD writers are normally in charge of writing academic textbooks and working with other sectors.
  • History: PhD participants will choose to narrow down their specialization to one period of history or to specific elements. These doctorate degree program students might be required to learn additional languages. Historians make up a large amount of scholars and teachers but often historians will work with the government and other private agencies.
  • Art History: A PhD in art history normally specializes in a period of art or on a specific region, or artist. Many art historian work as museum curators, art dealers, art critics, and teachers.
  • Communication and Media: This subject can range from online political communication to different avenues of media. Recipients of this program often work as PR or private relations specialists with many influential corporations and private practices.
  • Ethnics Studies: This doctorate is understanding another cultural point of view. Many graduates of this program are academics and scholars. Some choose to work with different agencies to help promote cultural diversity and tolerance.
  • Religious Studies: This is a degree that takes a look at different religions and seeks out the foundation of those religions and how they work to shape cultures. Many religious studies PhD students work in churches or private corporations.
  • Foreign Language: PhD candidates work to learn more than two additional languages. Many of these students choose to become writers or translators. Often they will work in public affairs and other areas of government to help as translators.

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