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PhD Interview | Questions for Success

This article provides information about some of the most popular PhD Interview questions.

What Are Things You Should Do Before The Interview?

PhD Interview

PhD Interview

One of the most important parts of the whole PhD process is the PhD Interview process. It is important that you prepare for the interview the best way that you can. You are presenting yourself and your thesis to a university in hopes that they will accept you. You want to conduct yourself in a professional manner and first impressions are important.


  • Be prepared: Make sure that you have at least two copies of your admissions application. You will also be expected to have your research proposal and additional notes taken to help support the proposal.
  • Research: Know a bit about the department and the university that you are interviewing with. This helps convey a genuine sense of interest. Also know where the interview is taking place and attempt to find out how to correctly pronounce people’s names.
  • Be presentable: This interview could determine the rest of your life you had better look like you are serious about it.

PhD Interview – Top Questions

While each university is different these questions will help you warm up and gain an understanding of what will happen during the real PhD Interview. Remember the best answers are the ones that pertain to your personally. Never attempt to lie because they will find out.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself? This question doesn’t deal with academics they want to know about you. Who are you? Why are you motivated to pursue a PhD program?
  2. Why have you applied for our PhD program? This question is where knowing about the university is a good. The admissions board wants to know why they should choose you out of all their candidates. They want motivated students not students that just chose their school as a backup school.
  3. What can you offer us? This is a loaded question, this is where you start to explain your worth as a researcher. What do you plan to contribute to this school’s legacy?
  4. What will this PhD mean to you? Be honest. Don’t just tell them it’s because you want a job. Demonstrate that you understand how your research will theoretically impact the field. Show them your dedication.
  5. What skills do you possess that will make you a good candidate? This is where you need to brag on yourself. You need to convince them that you are serious and that you are perfect for their program. Detail prior projects and experience that you have.
  6. Tell us about your proposal? In a PhD interview you will be asked to defend your research. They want to know if you are dedicated with following through all the research. Don’t be surprised if they ask you additional information.
  7. What are some of your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Be honest. No one is without their personal triumphs and battles. Try to make your weaknesses also your strengths such as being too organized.
  8. What have you overcome to be here today? We all have stories and it is important to be honest when you are telling yours. This also can help you obtain additional financial assistance if you have certain challenges.
  9. What are some important issues in this field? This question is to test your knowledge of your respected field.
  10. Is there anything that you would like to ask us? This might seem like an unassuming question but it is important. Use this to your advantage.



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