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Education Doctorate UK | Facts

This article provides information about the history of education doctorates in the United Kingdom.

What is Education Doctorate UK?

An education doctorate is a doctorate degree in education also known as an Ed.D. Or D.Ed. This degree focuses on doctorate degrees that keep research as their professional focus while still maintaining the importance of professional advancement. In the early days of education most of the degrees that were offered were in things such as science and medicine. People did not think it was practical to have such a broad degree as education eligible for doctoral consideration. After many years of struggle the first education doctorate was offered through Harvard University in the early 1920’s. Even after this the education doctorate was only taught in North America and only at very prestigious institutes of higher education.

Education Doctorate UK

Education Doctorate UK

It wasn’t until 1991 that the program finally was able to leave North America and branch out to other countries. In 1991 the University of Bristol became the first non-North American university to offer the education doctorate program. The education doctorate faced criticism when it was first being developed and continued to face criticism well into the late 1980’s. This might have been reason for its delay in universities around the world. Since its development the degree program has branched out and is now offered in many different countries around the world. The education doctorate is met with many favorable reviews and more job positions are opening up for students that choose this distinct career path.

Education Doctorate UK – Process

In the United Kingdom an education doctorate is the equivalent to a PhD in education. It is considered a research degree and requires all candidates to make intelligent and original contributions to the field of education. Typically the thesis for an education doctorate will be shorter than a PhD thesis because Ed.D students will have done more coursework than their PhD counterparts. Aside from additional course work, shorter thesis, and different career paths there really are not that many differences between the two different degree programs within the United Kingdom.

The Ed.D. works to help balance coursework and doctoral research thesis. Many different schools have now started varying their requirements on what they consider enough coursework and thesis. The research thesis for an educational doctorate is held to the same scrutiny that a PhD thesis would be held.

What Does an Educational Doctorate UK Prepare You For?

Within the United Kingdom the educational doctorate might prepare students for a variety of different avenues. The degree allows students to explore educational administration and other specialized places in education. Applicants who graduate with this degree are set to take on more leadership roles and higher professional roles. At times graduates might find themselves teaching the material to a new generation of students.

Many see this goal as a way to enhance professional careers. Many students that choose this career path will be leaders of research institutes and have other high position jobs.



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