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Most Notable Psychology Online Degrees

The following article provides information on Psychology Online Degrees from various schools and colleges. This write-up aims to narrow down the search of psychology degree students for the best degree and a school for their studies. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology at Argosy University’s The American School of Professional Psychology.

Psychology Online Degrees - Universities

Psychology Online Degrees – Universities

BA in Psychology focuses on a solution in working with professionals who are not lucky enough to attain their degrees in a college campus. This program aims to establish wide understanding of theories associated to social sciences and their application in real-world environments. It prepares students for graduate study in psychology is areas such as family therapy and counseling. This curriculum of Argosy complements with its bachelors degree and masters degree programs. Students here will be exposed to online classes in a user-friendly and interactive classroom and learn from its faculty members. Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology Online at Kaplan University

One of the psychology online degrees at Kaplan is BS in Psychology, which is designed to prepare students to have future careers in agencies, organizations, and research settings. Students of this program should have enough knowledge on how to evaluate people and how to properly deal with interpersonal relations. It examines major values, concepts, research methods, studies, and historical trends in the field of psychology. It offers in-depth understanding psychology’s theory and methodology and examines cultural conditions motivating people to consider psychological issues. It may come in various specializations including child development, behavioral analysis, or substance abuse.

Psychology Online Degrees – MS-General Psychology at Capella University

This psychology online degree strengthens the understanding of students in psychological theories, principles, and research methods as well as use electives to place more emphasis in certain topics that may help them have difference in work. Students who pursue this subject often land in supervisory or specialist positions in behavioral or social service organizations. This is also the great option for those who would want to explore the expansive psychological field of study for the preparation of doctoral studies.

MS in Psychology-Industrial & Organizational Psychology at Grand Canyon University
This MS in Psychology program is intended for individuals who want continued academic and/or promotion exposure in psychology. It emphasizes the development of leadership qualities and critical thinking. Its graduates may have great impact other students surrounding them through action research, leadership, and introduction of programmatic community changes.

MS in Psychology-Media Psychology at Walden University
Unlike other psychology online degrees, this MS in Psychology serves as the next wave in this field of psychology. This program is expected to have great influence in psychology as it assesses the role of psychologists in the media. It helps increase students’ understanding of how communications and marketing affect modern media in global society. Among the possible career opportunities offered by this program include advertising, media consulting, and media research.

BS in Early Childhood Development at Kaplan University
This is a unique program when compared with the other psychology online degrees since it is a nonlicensure degree conforming to the Standards for Early Childhood Professional Preparation Programs of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Psychology Online Degrees prepare students to work with young children from infant up to the age of eight in an early childhood environment.

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