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PhD Scholarships in Denmark

In this country, PhD students work under favorable terms as they are employed full-time for three years and their salary can be used to cover all the essential cost of living and accommodation and live an active life. Just like any countries across the globe (such as in the U.S., Victoria, China, or Germany), colleges and universities here also offer PhD scholarships to deserving students and those who are financially constrained. These scholarships are made available to all students, either local or international/overseas.

PhD Scholarships - Graduation

PhD Scholarships – Graduation

PhD scholarships in this country usually have duration of three years. The students awarded with these scholarships are expected to complete their study program and land good job. In fact, their future employment is covered by a collective agreement based on the country. The assessment for their academic performance will be determined by their research potential. The results of their scholarship exams will be evaluated by the specific commission or body for examinations.

PhD Scholarships – Requirements

Like the college scholarships, interested applicants for PhD scholarships are required to submit the scholarship application form, application letter their motivation for the scholarship being applied, graduate diploma with a list of their grades, copies of relevant degrees earned and scientific papers made, curriculum vitae, project description of their chosen field of study for a maximum of five pages, and other pertinent documents and materials depending on the educational institution or agency offering the scholarships. The research proposal is also required and should include suitable title, brief background of the preferred study area, initiating problem, ideas to solve the problem, challenges to be encountered in the project, sketch of time and work plan, and a maximum of five primary references.

The scholarship applications will be evaluated by certain assessment committee and the applicants will be entitled to receive the assessment through a letter of notification of announcement in publications offline or online.

Usually, PhD stipends are awarded to individuals who are holders of master’s degree for a period of three years. The Ministerial Order of the country points out that the progress of the PhD student will be evaluated once every six months. The approval of the scholarship application at the time of the evaluation serves as a prerequisite for the salary payment continuation.

For instance, the Department of Management at Aarhus University’s Aarhus School of Business offers PhD scholarship since March 1, 2010. The Department even invites applicants for its PhD in the field of regional development and entrepreneurship, which is being funded by the Regional Development Council. The successful PhD student for this position will join a dedicated group of junior and senior researchers in entrepreneurship from the university and the business school. Meanwhile, the successful applicants for the international scholarships of the school are expected to earn a fundamental Danish working knowledge during the course of their PhD.

Other than the PhD scholarships, PhD fellows are also made available for students. The PhD fellow appointment and salary are provided at the January 11, 2006 circular of the Ministry of Finance concerning the Collective Agreement for Academics in Denmark, specifically in Appendix 5 and the Ministry of Finance Circular of June 13, 2007.

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