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Online PhD UK Programs | University of Manchester

This article reviews information about online or distance learning options at the University of Manchester.

The University of Manchester

Online PhD UK Programs - Universities

Online PhD UK Programs – Universities

The University of Manchester is public university of research situated in Manchester, England. The current University of Manchester was developed from the merger between the Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Sciences and Technology. The University of Manchester is a contributor to many different university research groups such as the Russell Group and the Universities Research Association. The university is ranked within the top fifty universities in the QS World University Ranking.

Online PhD UK Programs : University of Manchester

Description: There are many different options for online PhD UK capabilities at the University of Manchester. When it comes to online PhD’s in the UK the University of Manchester sets the bar about being one of the most versatile universities in its class. The university offers a variety of different online PhD programs that fit almost all students.

Duration: The online PhD programs can be completed in both a full time and part time basis. Full time studies normally takes the full three years to complete while part time studies are more flexible and can take up to six years to complete.

Online PhD through Continuing Professional Development Programs

Description: This is one option for distance PhD through the University of Manchester. With this option for distance learning the student is allowed to use more modern learning materials for independent studies. This allows students to expand on their chosen professional fields and worry more about the enhancement and maintenance of specific subjects. This avenue of distance learning will be more specific and will be for students that are specializing in a certain area of research.

Online PhD UK Programs : Online Split-Site Programs

Description: The University of Manchester is pleased to be able to offer a distance learning platform that utilizes the split site PhD approach. This approach is only considered for the most promising of individuals and those students that complete the full doctoral program will be awarded special honours upon graduation.

Split site PhD programs are designed to allow the student to study between two prestigious universities that have entered into a partnership with each other to promote the very best educational opportunities. Students will be based at one campus while attending classes and completing their doctoral program through that university as well as another university. Depending on the university there might be some additional requirements that mandate that the student has to spend a certain amount of time physically present at the overseas university. Students will work with one or more supervisors to help the transition and to ensure that the student is completing all of their assignments on time. It is the responsibility of the student to stay in constant contact with their supervisors in order to be allowed to continue this type of degree program.

Funding: There are specialized scholarships designed to address split-site PhD programs and Online PhD UK Programs. Many of these scholarships are offered through the university.

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