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Online PhD in Education

PhD degree programs are now made available to all students regardless of their social status in line. These programs are offered in a wide variety of knowledge fields in medicine, education, nursing, psychology, business administration, arts, philosophy, engineering, and business. They can be taken offline or online depending on the preferred educational set-up of the students taking them. For its specific purpose, this article focuses on Online PhD in Education.

Online PhD in Education - Universities

Online PhD in Education – Universities

Online PhD in Education programs advance the knowledge in P-12 instruction and curriculum and hold research for positive change and improve the achievements of the students taking it. These specialization programs provide advanced theory and practice in curriculum mapping, instruction and assessment, collaborative curriculum development, and research methodology and application. They enable students to establish a professional portfolio demonstrating their competencies in distance doctoral degree in line with their current and future employers. Usually, students who pursue these programs are P-12 teachers, administrators, or curriculum specialists who are interested in pursuing positions as curriculum director, superintendent, or principal.

Online PhD in Education – Importance of Accreditation

Accredited doctorate degree in education programs are offered in various specializations including Doctor of Education, Educational Specialist, Doctor of Philosophy, and the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies. Aside from these specifications, there are other concentrations associated to these programs which may include instructional technology, educational administration, adult education, educational leadership, instructional design, and more online PhD degree programs in education.

The qualified candidates for Online PhD in Education are guided by faculty advisers to plan for their own programs suitable and sufficient to their self-defined goals. The courses in this specialization start with educational theory that puts emphasis on the basic learning principles and the social, historical and cultural aspects of education. They help students familiarize with the significant professional and academic literatures. Theories of these courses will then put into practice in later PhD programs focusing on research methods and teaching skills.

Primarily, the coursework of doctorate in education degrees aims to prepare students in developing, performing, and writing an original research paper or dissertation to contribute to the education literature. Among the core courses for the research are education in social, political and cultural context; educational psychology and epistemology; qualitative research methods in education; the art of teaching; and quantitative research methods in education.

Recipients of online doctoral degree in education are in high demand in private and public schools, think tanks, government institutions, universities, and think tanks anywhere in the world. Individuals who have completed online PhDs in education may also pursue more practical careers within school systems and districts, while the others put emphasis on the expansion of educational theory. Among the most common jobs for these graduates include consultants in private or public institutions, teachers, researchers and policy analysts, school administrators, and university professors.

With the aforementioned information, Online PhD in Education programs are an ideal option for individuals who wish to be different in the lives of children and contribute to the welfare of educational system. In fact, graduates of these programs have already seen their personal and profession benefits.

Online PhD

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