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DBA|Doctor of Business Administration

This article provides information about a Doctor of Business Administration and how this degree differs from the more traditional PhD programs.

What is a DBA?

The DBA also known as the Doctorate in Business Administration is a research degree specializing in business administration. It is the equivalent of a PhD in Business Administration but the two degrees are vastly different. The purpose of the DBA is to:

  • Contribute and help develop business practice relations
  • Contribute to professional knowledge and practice

The Doctor of Business Administration is a prestigious award that allows applicants to specialize in a large variety of different business aspects. Some of these specializations are:

  • Management Science
  • Technology Management
  • Economics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Finance

The normal duration of this program is 3-4 years in full time study status.

How is a DBA Different than a PhD?

DBA Graduation

DBA Graduation

While these two degree programs are very similar they differ. They are both equal in the eyes of academics. However, this program is more applied research as opposed to theoretical research. Applied research is taking the knowledge of the community that already exists and building on that basis of knowledge. Applied research works to solve practical problems. PhD programs work to create new theories while DBA focus on existing knowledge to help solve business issues. Some of the other differences are listed below:

  • It is typically thought that PhD programs are geared more towards younger students who wish to become academics while DBA programs are geared towards older students who have already spent years being successful in business. Doctor of Business Administration students normally have a very practical question that they research the answer to. They strive to improve upon their managerial positions and to answer practical business issues.
  • Doctor of Business Administration recipients tend to have more access to ongoing data throughout their own business practices. They normally already have developed databases worth of information that they are able to harness towards their degree program.
  • PhD students tend to become scholars. DBA recipients are often found within their own businesses. They choose to stay within the business world but they have the option to conduct research as well.
  • PhD programs are typically taught full time while DBA programs are typically taught part time. This could have to do with the fact that many students conducting their DBA degrees are also imperative parts of their own business practices.

DBA Program – Entry Requirement

The DBA program is offered around the world. There are many different requirements that schools demand for admission into their DBA program. It is important to double check with your university of choice to ensure that you meet all the requirements for admission into their DBA program. Some of the general requirements for this program are:

  • Most schools demand that applicants already possess a MBA degree or an MSc.
  • Most universities demand that the applicant already have significant experience in both professional and managerial positions within a business.
  • DBA participants will have to produce a significant dissertation and thesis.

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