Top 5 Universities for Math Genius and How to Prepare for them

Twenty years ago, NRC (National Research Council) of the United States has expressed the importance of mathematics with the following statement: “Mathematics is the key to opportunity.” Mathematics is the key that opens up various opportunities. For a student, math is the key to the door of a brilliant career. For citizens, the math would help them in making the right decision. For some countries, mathematics is the basic capital to compete in the fields of economy and technology. Mathematics is often viewed as a science that is difficult to learn, but there are some people who have advantages in mathematics. Even few of them are geniuses who need a place to channel their skills. This article will discuss the five best universities in the world for genius mathematicians and how to prepare for them.

How to write a College Essay
Math is a subject that is very popular for most fans of the fields of science and technology. There are many jobs that require a degree in mathematics. With a mathematics degree, graduates can pursue a career in the oil and nuclear industries, in medicine or IT, as well as a variety of other jobs in government departments. The graduates who have specialized in the statistics can be found employment in local government councils, educational institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, market research and marketing companies, banks, accounting firms and research institutions.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States and one of the members of the League Iy. The university is one of the best universities in the world. Date 18 September 1636 was the day when the university was established. Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States. At first, the university was named “New College”, later changed to “Harvard College”, and became Harvard University back on March 13, 1639. Its name is taken from its largest donation donor, John Harvard, a former Cambridge University student. This university is a favorite place for anyone who wants to become a mathematician. You certainly know Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook who had studied at Harvard. The University has produced many people with the ability to innovate in mathematics field.


Every mathematician certainly knows the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and last year was named as the number one university in the world, version of QS World University Rankings. For information, MIT has online classes. Previously, there had been a study in cyberspace. But MIT’s program is quite unique because it invites students from various countries in the world, with no requirements or admission fees to get a certificate with the ‘label’ MIT.

In general, online course material is the material in class but transferred to the virtual world. Each course is specially accredited and all lectures are available online. Before Christmas 2011, this university has announced its intention to make MITx. The first subject was 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics, which was based on the same course at MIT.

The MITx version has been designed for online students, equipped with virtual laboratory, e-book, online discussions, and videos which are equivalent to all lecturers. Although there are no formal entry requirements, MITx students should have knowledge in the fields of mathematics and science. Because it is still a prototype, the assessment is done by a “code of honor”, which demands honesty of students in the house. But in the future, the university said there would be a mechanism to check the identity and employment verification. They also provide online math help for every student.

Oxford University

How to write a College Essay

More recently, a professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, England managed to solve math puzzles aged 300 years old. As reported by the Telegraph, Sir Andrew Wiles won the prize of £ 5 thousand thanks to Fermat’s Last Theory or Fermat’s Last Theorem. He was awarded the Abel Prize from the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters for successfully solving a puzzle that’s very complicated. He is one of the many mathematicians from the University of Oxford. The university is included from a handful of universities that are able to produce world-class mathematician.

University of Cambridge

Affiliates of the University of Cambridge have won 80 Nobel Prize, more than any other university in the world. Of the 80 Nobel Prize winners, 70 had attended Cambridge as an undergraduate student or graduate student. This fact certainly proves that this university is one of the best places for any mathematician genius. Along with Oxford, the university occupies top rankings in UK.

University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

Lecture system in America is divided into two paths: Quarter system and semester system. UC Berkeley follows the semester system. Each year the university provides classrooms of spring, fall and summer. Spring and Fall usually last up to 4 months (September-December / February-May). This university is one of the three best universities in the United States, along with Harvard and MIT. UC Berkeley has spawned so many mathematicians whose role in the development of new computer programs.

Sports facilities are fairly complete in UC Berkeley. By only $ 10 per semester, students can take classes offered (such as kick-boxing, yoga, zumba, etc.), and get unlimited access to their facilities. The University offers a relaxed atmosphere for any mathematician by not forgetting the recreational aspect.

How to prepare for them

Of course if you want to be a student one of them you have to prepare yourself well. You may have great ability in mathematics but you should be aware that you will see great competition with a lot of people with abilities like yours. You should familiarize yourself with the applied mathematics in the field of programming because you will learn to apply your math knowledge on useful technologies in everyday life. You will realize that mathematics is the key to any progress in the field of technology. Start by solving math problems related to coding because this age is the age of digital. Try making a wide range of applications that will be taken into consideration for them to accept you as student.

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MPhil and MSc Degrees in Online Gaming

Online gaming has grown a lot in popularity over the last decade, and is one of the main ways that people choose to spend their time.

The younger generation prefers computer and/or video games, and most of these contain some kind of online play. Most adults prefer the virtual casinos part of online gaming, and spend time gambling in online casinos, the virtual “replica” of traditional casinos.

More than just a pastime, games have also become a form of culture and how people interact, thus expanding from just an area of entertainment. As online gaming has become more mainstream, universities and other tertiary institutions have begun to offer degrees in this field.

Some degree programs at universities are aimed at analysis, the design and application of digital games from two perspectives: the user and a cultural standpoint. Meanwhile, other programs are targeted at teaching graduates how to design and develop games. Degrees are also available at under-graduate and post-graduate levels. In this article, we will mainly focus on post-graduate education options in online gaming.

Post-graduate degrees at a masters level

At a master’s-level of instruction, some universities offer a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Game Design, but a Master of Arts (MA) in Interactive Design and Game Development is also possible. Sometimes these programs are offered as distance learning or online learning, while some institutions offer them as on-campus programs. Career options for these degrees are game designers, multi-media artists and even computer programmers, with a focus on gaming.

The main difference between the MFA and MA degrees is that the Master of Fine Arts is much more career oriented and prepares students to become a part of the workforce, while the MA degree is more academic in nature. Additionally, and MFA is terminal, but an MA can lead to a PhD. However, on the similarity note, both programs have artistic ability, theory knowledge and technical skills that are necessary to develop digital games and simulations.

Two other options are an MSc, which is course based, or an MPhil degree, which is research based. At the University of London, you can do an MPhil in Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence or an MSc in Computer Games and Entertainment, while the University of Portsmouth offers an MPhil in Creative Technologies or MSc in Computer Games Technology. Abertay University has an MPhil in Arts, Media and Computer Games and Heriot-Watt University offer this degree in Computer Games and Interactive Narrative. You can also do an MSc in Game Development (Programming) at Kingston University or Computer Game Engineering at Newcastle University.

The Future

Since digital games have become such a big hype, tertiary bodies have done well in offering degrees in which students can learn more about this field. However, one component of online gaming that is not really focused on is that of online casinos. Real casinos are becoming less mainstream, while their digital version continues to grow and grow, offering super casino promotional offers to play online. Therefore, it is imperative that universities offer education degrees that focus on the online casino component.

PhD and Degree Programs in Online Games

Online gaming, including online casinos, started off slowly in the much latter half of the twentieth century. However, the true power of the online gaming world commenced as gaming technology developed and broadband Internet lowered its costs. Today, all over the world, online gaming, and maybe online gambling to a greater degree, is how many people choose to spend their time.

  1. A brief history of online gaming

In 1969, the earliest online games were invented, but their popularity only started to rise in the late 1970s and early 1980s when Dial-up Bulletin Boards were in demand. The advancement of the Internet and technology such as Flash and Java led to millions of websites being launched on the World Wide Web in the 1990s. With this, interactive computing opportunities, such as those for online casinos and multi-player games, grew ten-fold. Even since Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony – all giants in the tech world – created even more advanced gaming consoles and gaming software, the face of online gaming changed and boomed even more.

Another part of online gaming that has increased in size and scope in recent years is online casinos – also called virtual or Internet casinos – that are exactly like the traditional brick-and-mortar version. Famous online casinos include, offering full capacity of gaming and casinos services online.

  1. Degrees in online gaming and casino management

Ever since the online gaming and virtual casino industry has flourished, many universities across the world began offering many different degrees in online gaming and casino management.

Bachelor in Casino and Resort management at University of Southern Mississippi

For example, the University of Southern Mississippi offers a bachelor’s degree in casino and resort management. This degree helps students to find employment in casinos, hotels, and online travel companies. Other universities only offer certificate or associate degree programs in this field. MA degrees are not available in casino management; however, an MA degree in Hospitality Management is possible, with a course on casino management.

PhD Degree in Serious Games by Michigan State University

Many universities, such as Michigan State University, offer bachelor, MA and even doctorate degrees in game design and development. At the Michigan State University, you can do a Serious Game Graduate Certificate, either on campus or online. This program is designed to give students insight into serious game theories and design. The University of Southern California, for example, offers BA and BFA degrees in Animation and Digital Arts, and a BS in Computer Science (Games) and an MS degree in Computer Science (Game Development on Multimedia and Creative Technologies.) Many other such and related degrees can be found all across the USA and internationally.

  1. Growing bigger and bigger

As online gaming and online gambling become such a big and influential part of our lives, tertiary institutions should offer degrees in order to

  • Study how to design games,
  • Do animations,
  • Look at gaming theory and development, and
  • Also learn about online casino management.

Research at an MA and PhD level is absolutely necessary to study online gaming and the positive and negative behavioral and cognitive effects games have on people. For example, even playing a simple game such as Candy Crush has proven beneficial for our brains.

PhD Interview | Questions for Success

This article provides information about some of the most popular PhD Interview questions.

What Are Things You Should Do Before The Interview?

PhD Interview

PhD Interview

One of the most important parts of the whole PhD process is the PhD Interview process. It is important that you prepare for the interview the best way that you can. You are presenting yourself and your thesis to a university in hopes that they will accept you. You want to conduct yourself in a professional manner and first impressions are important.


  • Be prepared: Make sure that you have at least two copies of your admissions application. You will also be expected to have your research proposal and additional notes taken to help support the proposal.
  • Research: Know a bit about the department and the university that you are interviewing with. This helps convey a genuine sense of interest. Also know where the interview is taking place and attempt to find out how to correctly pronounce people’s names.
  • Be presentable: This interview could determine the rest of your life you had better look like you are serious about it.

PhD Interview – Top Questions

While each university is different these questions will help you warm up and gain an understanding of what will happen during the real PhD Interview. Remember the best answers are the ones that pertain to your personally. Never attempt to lie because they will find out.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself? This question doesn’t deal with academics they want to know about you. Who are you? Why are you motivated to pursue a PhD program?
  2. Why have you applied for our PhD program? This question is where knowing about the university is a good. The admissions board wants to know why they should choose you out of all their candidates. They want motivated students not students that just chose their school as a backup school.
  3. What can you offer us? This is a loaded question, this is where you start to explain your worth as a researcher. What do you plan to contribute to this school’s legacy?
  4. What will this PhD mean to you? Be honest. Don’t just tell them it’s because you want a job. Demonstrate that you understand how your research will theoretically impact the field. Show them your dedication.
  5. What skills do you possess that will make you a good candidate? This is where you need to brag on yourself. You need to convince them that you are serious and that you are perfect for their program. Detail prior projects and experience that you have.
  6. Tell us about your proposal? In a PhD interview you will be asked to defend your research. They want to know if you are dedicated with following through all the research. Don’t be surprised if they ask you additional information.
  7. What are some of your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Be honest. No one is without their personal triumphs and battles. Try to make your weaknesses also your strengths such as being too organized.
  8. What have you overcome to be here today? We all have stories and it is important to be honest when you are telling yours. This also can help you obtain additional financial assistance if you have certain challenges.
  9. What are some important issues in this field? This question is to test your knowledge of your respected field.
  10. Is there anything that you would like to ask us? This might seem like an unassuming question but it is important. Use this to your advantage.



Online PhD Programs | Pros vs Cons

This article discusses the positive as well as the negatives of Online PhD Programs.

What is Distance Learning?

Online PhD Programs-Universities

Online PhD Programs-Universities

Distance learning or online PhD Programs are educational programs that are conducted through an online platform. This process allows students from all over the world the ability to conduct their educations at their top choice universities without having to foot the travel and moving costs. There are different challenges that a distance learner experiences that traditional students never encounter. They are also many positive aspects of the distance learning programs.

Online PhD Programs – Pros

Education is a wonderful experience and opportunity. Online PhD programs allow even the busiest students the opportunity to study. Some of the most positive aspects of online PhD programs are listed below.

  • Flexibility: Sometimes life happens and you don’t always get to focus on just your education. Many people have prior commitments to family or work that they cannot get out of. Distance learning provides these students with the opportunity to participate in their education in their own time. The online distance programs normally provide at least a week worth of academics at a time and allows the student to log on in their spare time in order to work through their programs.
  • Support: Universities strive to provide the same amount of support for all their students regardless if they are traditional or distance learners. The main difference is that students who are distance learners will conduct their meetings through skype or other online avenues. They typically also have to check in more and keep in constant contact with their supervisor.
  • Attendance: At times during online PhD programs it becomes important for the student to make the travel to the home university. This is usually done for a few days and majority of the universities will help foot the cost of travel and other expenses as long as you meet their attendance requirements. This also provides students with the opportunity to meet face to face with the team that is helping them succeed as well as gives them an opportunity to do some hands on research at the university library. It also serves as a way to keep students accountable towards their educations.

Online PhD Programs – Cons

With any educational program there are some issues that will arise when conducting a PhD program via distance learning. Some of these issues are addressed below.

  • Limited Availability: Not every university in the world offers online courses and for those that do offer these distance learning opportunities not all of the programs are offered online.
  • Limited Resources: This is a problem seen with many Online PhD Programs because if you are studying at home you do not have immediate access to labs to conduct research. Students are also limited to research books that are in their immediate area or that are provided through the schools online library system. This can put a damper on research because there is not an immediate availability.

Online PhD UK | University of East London

This article provides information about the University of East London and their distance/online PhD programs.

The University of East London

Online PhD UK - Universities

Online PhD UK – Universities

The University of East London is a public university of research that was first established in 1892 as a technical institute. It wasn’t until 1992 that the university was awarded its university status. The university caters to over 28,000 students annually with its central campus located within London, England. The university has two additional campuses in Docklands and Stratford. The university boasts a large international foothold catering to over 120 countries.

Online PhD UK Programs

Online PhD UK: The University of East London describes a distance learning program offered through the University of East London. This intricate program offers students the ability to complete their doctoral programs from home. These programs are developed so that students will spend a month at the university at the beginning of their programs in order to attend their inductions as well as create a contract with the Director of Studies. This contract will help demonstrate the requirements for the program such as attendance and supervisors.

It is crucial that students pass the first 18 months of their programs to ensure that they are allowed to continue with this distance learning option. The agreement will stand as a written contract that must be abided by. The distance learning option allows students the ability to learn their chosen trade without having to spend time at the university. With this online PhD program it offers students the opportunity to be visited by their supervisors on their own home turf to receive support and assistance. All of these additional benefits will be outlined in the written agreement between the student and the Director of Studies.

Split-Site PhD Programs

Split-site PhD programs are another doctoral program that is offered through the University of East London. This option is available for students that are wishing to undertake their higher education overseas. Students that wish to participate in this program will have to be under individual scrutiny by the universities. With split-site programs the student will have to work closely with one or more supervisors from different universities in order to make the whole program possible. The home university and the overseas universities will have to work in partnership in order to allow the student the best opportunity for education.

Students that are participating in these split-site PhD programs will be admitted into both universities as a part time or a full time student. Students are free to switch their enrollment status as long as both universities agree to the changes. It is essential that students pass the first 12 months of their academic program to be allowed to continue with the split-site PhD scheme. Attendance requirements will be outlined in the initial contract or agreement between the student and the universities that are participating in the exchange program. It is important that students find out which universities have active partnerships with the University of East London to ensure that the split-site programs are successful as possible.

Online PhD UK Programs | University of Manchester

This article reviews information about online or distance learning options at the University of Manchester.

The University of Manchester

Online PhD UK Programs - Universities

Online PhD UK Programs – Universities

The University of Manchester is public university of research situated in Manchester, England. The current University of Manchester was developed from the merger between the Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Sciences and Technology. The University of Manchester is a contributor to many different university research groups such as the Russell Group and the Universities Research Association. The university is ranked within the top fifty universities in the QS World University Ranking.

Online PhD UK Programs : University of Manchester

Description: There are many different options for online PhD UK capabilities at the University of Manchester. When it comes to online PhD’s in the UK the University of Manchester sets the bar about being one of the most versatile universities in its class. The university offers a variety of different online PhD programs that fit almost all students.

Duration: The online PhD programs can be completed in both a full time and part time basis. Full time studies normally takes the full three years to complete while part time studies are more flexible and can take up to six years to complete.

Online PhD through Continuing Professional Development Programs

Description: This is one option for distance PhD through the University of Manchester. With this option for distance learning the student is allowed to use more modern learning materials for independent studies. This allows students to expand on their chosen professional fields and worry more about the enhancement and maintenance of specific subjects. This avenue of distance learning will be more specific and will be for students that are specializing in a certain area of research.

Online PhD UK Programs : Online Split-Site Programs

Description: The University of Manchester is pleased to be able to offer a distance learning platform that utilizes the split site PhD approach. This approach is only considered for the most promising of individuals and those students that complete the full doctoral program will be awarded special honours upon graduation.

Split site PhD programs are designed to allow the student to study between two prestigious universities that have entered into a partnership with each other to promote the very best educational opportunities. Students will be based at one campus while attending classes and completing their doctoral program through that university as well as another university. Depending on the university there might be some additional requirements that mandate that the student has to spend a certain amount of time physically present at the overseas university. Students will work with one or more supervisors to help the transition and to ensure that the student is completing all of their assignments on time. It is the responsibility of the student to stay in constant contact with their supervisors in order to be allowed to continue this type of degree program.

Funding: There are specialized scholarships designed to address split-site PhD programs and Online PhD UK Programs. Many of these scholarships are offered through the university.

Education Doctorate UK | Facts

This article provides information about the history of education doctorates in the United Kingdom.

What is Education Doctorate UK?

An education doctorate is a doctorate degree in education also known as an Ed.D. Or D.Ed. This degree focuses on doctorate degrees that keep research as their professional focus while still maintaining the importance of professional advancement. In the early days of education most of the degrees that were offered were in things such as science and medicine. People did not think it was practical to have such a broad degree as education eligible for doctoral consideration. After many years of struggle the first education doctorate was offered through Harvard University in the early 1920’s. Even after this the education doctorate was only taught in North America and only at very prestigious institutes of higher education.

Education Doctorate UK

Education Doctorate UK

It wasn’t until 1991 that the program finally was able to leave North America and branch out to other countries. In 1991 the University of Bristol became the first non-North American university to offer the education doctorate program. The education doctorate faced criticism when it was first being developed and continued to face criticism well into the late 1980’s. This might have been reason for its delay in universities around the world. Since its development the degree program has branched out and is now offered in many different countries around the world. The education doctorate is met with many favorable reviews and more job positions are opening up for students that choose this distinct career path.

Education Doctorate UK – Process

In the United Kingdom an education doctorate is the equivalent to a PhD in education. It is considered a research degree and requires all candidates to make intelligent and original contributions to the field of education. Typically the thesis for an education doctorate will be shorter than a PhD thesis because Ed.D students will have done more coursework than their PhD counterparts. Aside from additional course work, shorter thesis, and different career paths there really are not that many differences between the two different degree programs within the United Kingdom.

The Ed.D. works to help balance coursework and doctoral research thesis. Many different schools have now started varying their requirements on what they consider enough coursework and thesis. The research thesis for an educational doctorate is held to the same scrutiny that a PhD thesis would be held.

What Does an Educational Doctorate UK Prepare You For?

Within the United Kingdom the educational doctorate might prepare students for a variety of different avenues. The degree allows students to explore educational administration and other specialized places in education. Applicants who graduate with this degree are set to take on more leadership roles and higher professional roles. At times graduates might find themselves teaching the material to a new generation of students.

Many see this goal as a way to enhance professional careers. Many students that choose this career path will be leaders of research institutes and have other high position jobs.



Doing PhD Program | Your Weekly Pattern

This article provides an insight into what it is like to undertake an average week in a PhD Program.

The Anticipation

PhD Program - Universities

PhD Program – Universities

As many new students get ready to embark on their PhD studies many come into the program not knowing what to expect. They have all already heard the horror stories about no sleep, studying all the time, with no time for their social lives. Many students will come in with questions relating to how much they will have to study. Will there be time to even eat? It is time to put some of those anxieties to bed and introduce applicants to a typical PhD program week.


PhD Program – The Patterns

The first thing that applicants need to know is that there is no such thing as a typical program week. It is up to the individual applicant to arrange their schedules in a way that works best for them. This will depend on a large number of factors:

  • The subject area that you have dedicated your studies to. Students have to orient their schedules in a way that includes applicable lab or teaching time.
  • The student’s individual learning style. Not everyone is going to be able to learn the same way and some students have a unique way of learning. It is important to identify your own brand of learning and be able to adapt it into a schedule that works for you.
  • The schedule will depend on what stage you are at in your program. Beginning PhD applicants will be more research oriented while older PhD students will be dedicating time to work on their dissertations.
  • University regulations and supervisor meetings.

Putting the Hours In

Working on PhD programs will take up a large amount of the students’ time. Many PhD students will tell you that they dedicate an average of 30-70 hours weekly on their PhD programs depending on the degree area. It is almost impossible to work or carry on much of a social life outside of these PhD programs.

Most students are driven to dedicate more time to their degree programs due to the restrictions on their financial aid such as scholarships. Many PhD scholarships will cover students completely for three years and anything after that will be left up to the student to figure out. PhD programs are expensive and students are motivated to complete their degrees while they are being covered.


Attendance is a very big part of PhD programs. The attendance policy doesn’t only cover labs and class time but it also covers visits with your supervisor. The supervisor is there to help students working through their degree programs by providing guidance and assistance when needed. Attendance also extend to cover all assignments that the student will be expected to complete during their studies. It is important to keep up appropriate attendance.

PhD Program – Responsibilities

There are many responsibilities that PhD students undertake while they are completing their PhD Degrees. Many PhD Programs make it the student’s responsibility to conduct their studies and ensure their own academic success. It is also the student’s responsibility to address their concerns with their supervisors.

MPhil | Advice and Guidance

This article provides information about the MPhil degree award.

What is an MPhil?

MPhil - Graduation Ceremony

MPhil – Graduation Ceremony

The MPhil is one of the more uncommon master’s degrees. It is a research degree that is similar to a PhD except that it does not require originality. It takes existing theories and research and builds upon them to help reshape them and make them better. It is the type of research that helps to lead to new testing and solutions for known problems.

An MPhil is not a failed PhD. It is a separate degree award based on research. The program was highly sought after in the late 1960’s and early 70’s but has experienced a decline. It is referred to at times as a failed PhD because some students that set out to accomplish a PhD don’t always accomplish that goal. The MPhil is a research degree that failed PhD candidates can apply themselves towards.

MPhil – Key Considerations

There are numerous reasons why students would choose to conduct an MPhil degree programs. Some of those reasons are compiled below:

  • The MPhil program is significantly shorter than a PhD programs. This is a convenient option for students who do not have the time or the money to participate in a PhD program.
  • These students can opt for the MPhil degree and be allowed to work in research settings. Many times the MPhil can also lay the ground works for a later PhD degree. Students have the opportunity to conduct the MPhil degree program and then transfer it to a PhD program.
  • The MPhil is a prestigious award in its own way and should be considered as such. There is no shame in changing your PhD ambitions to a more reliable MPhil decision. The MPhil can save you money and there are funding opportunities for MPhil because it is a lesser known degree program.
  • Students who were originally in a PhD program who find that they are unable to submit an original thesis can always opt for a MPhil so that they do not have to leave their studies with no type of reward.

The Outlook after MPhil

It is true that in order to become a lecturer or a researcher you have to hold a PhD. This is not the end of the world in academics for recipients of an MPhil. In academics recipients of MPhil can become:

  • Research Assistant
  • Project Manager
  • Lab Tech
  • Teaching Fellow

Outside of academics holders of the MPhil have done many progressive things. Many have become directors of higher education or they have opted to become managers of large pharmaceutical companies. Others have gone on to develop different types of research and have worked to improve the existing quality of research.

Regardless of the avenue that the student chooses to go they will be seen as a successful candidate to future employers. In today’s society employers will gladly accept the master’s degree as an indicator of the capabilities of their future employee.



DBA|Doctor of Business Administration

This article provides information about a Doctor of Business Administration and how this degree differs from the more traditional PhD programs.

What is a DBA?

The DBA also known as the Doctorate in Business Administration is a research degree specializing in business administration. It is the equivalent of a PhD in Business Administration but the two degrees are vastly different. The purpose of the DBA is to:

  • Contribute and help develop business practice relations
  • Contribute to professional knowledge and practice

The Doctor of Business Administration is a prestigious award that allows applicants to specialize in a large variety of different business aspects. Some of these specializations are:

  • Management Science
  • Technology Management
  • Economics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Finance

The normal duration of this program is 3-4 years in full time study status.

How is a DBA Different than a PhD?

DBA Graduation

DBA Graduation

While these two degree programs are very similar they differ. They are both equal in the eyes of academics. However, this program is more applied research as opposed to theoretical research. Applied research is taking the knowledge of the community that already exists and building on that basis of knowledge. Applied research works to solve practical problems. PhD programs work to create new theories while DBA focus on existing knowledge to help solve business issues. Some of the other differences are listed below:

  • It is typically thought that PhD programs are geared more towards younger students who wish to become academics while DBA programs are geared towards older students who have already spent years being successful in business. Doctor of Business Administration students normally have a very practical question that they research the answer to. They strive to improve upon their managerial positions and to answer practical business issues.
  • Doctor of Business Administration recipients tend to have more access to ongoing data throughout their own business practices. They normally already have developed databases worth of information that they are able to harness towards their degree program.
  • PhD students tend to become scholars. DBA recipients are often found within their own businesses. They choose to stay within the business world but they have the option to conduct research as well.
  • PhD programs are typically taught full time while DBA programs are typically taught part time. This could have to do with the fact that many students conducting their DBA degrees are also imperative parts of their own business practices.

DBA Program – Entry Requirement

The DBA program is offered around the world. There are many different requirements that schools demand for admission into their DBA program. It is important to double check with your university of choice to ensure that you meet all the requirements for admission into their DBA program. Some of the general requirements for this program are:

  • Most schools demand that applicants already possess a MBA degree or an MSc.
  • Most universities demand that the applicant already have significant experience in both professional and managerial positions within a business.
  • DBA participants will have to produce a significant dissertation and thesis.

Online PhD in Nursing Programs

Next to buying a home, education serves as the best investment that people can make. Education nowadays can be more accessible than the education offered several decades ago. Thanks to the emergence of technology, even students who are not able to attend classes physically can now pursue the course they have dreamt of without hampering their other commitments. For instance, Online PhD in Nursing Programs are now available for students who wish to further their knowledge and skills in nursing.

Online PhD in Nursing Programs -Types

Online PhD in Nursing Programs  - University of Manchester

Online PhD in Nursing Programs – University of Manchester

Online PhD in Nursing Programs are of different types. Among them are degrees in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, and pediatrics. Some of the courses found in these programs are health care ethics, nursing science foundations, adult health nursing clinical, nursing education, and health care informatics. Typically, they may take four to five years to complete and often require to produce a dissertation and a clinical defense.

The curriculum for online Nursing PhD degree Programs requires students to take the theoretical basis of nursing during the first two years of the coursework. Students during this time are encouraged to come up with a research topic for their dissertation. After these initial two years of preparation, students then concentrate on their specific area of interest. Students are often encouraged to choose a specialty to tailor their education to a certain field. These concentrations may include Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Nursing, and Doctor of Nursing Practice.
The market now offers a lot of online PhD schools that offer PhDs in nursing. These schools provide students with the skills necessary for their future careers in the job market. Meanwhile, students are advised to carefully check all the credentials of their chosen school and ensure that it is accredited to get papers that will exactly work for them.

Online PhD in Nursing Programs – Eligibility

Eligible candidates for online PhD in Nursing Programs should be patient, detail-oriented, flexible, and caring as they will be dealing with extensive research in their chosen specialization. In fact, a doctoral program in nursing further develops the leadership and negotiation skills of the qualified candidates. Doctorate students are required to be a licensed registered nurse (RN) and should have MS in nursing from a recognized educational institution. There are also online PhD nursing programs that are combined with master’s degrees, accepting applicants holding bachelor degrees.

Online PhD in Nursing Programs typically employ students as certified registered nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and certified nurse midwives. These programs enable nurses to foster their careers to gain more knowledge and skills in their field of specifications. They give students more opportunities to get better job in the future. They allow students to work in various areas in the medical industry and work in a supervisory position to be responsible to all the other nurses in a medical institution. They may prepare students to work in administrative positions in any health care center to manage all office operations. They may train students to become professors in any college or university. They may also equip students with expertise and skills in management if they wish to open up their own private practice.

Most Notable Psychology Online Degrees

The following article provides information on Psychology Online Degrees from various schools and colleges. This write-up aims to narrow down the search of psychology degree students for the best degree and a school for their studies. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology at Argosy University’s The American School of Professional Psychology.

Psychology Online Degrees - Universities

Psychology Online Degrees – Universities

BA in Psychology focuses on a solution in working with professionals who are not lucky enough to attain their degrees in a college campus. This program aims to establish wide understanding of theories associated to social sciences and their application in real-world environments. It prepares students for graduate study in psychology is areas such as family therapy and counseling. This curriculum of Argosy complements with its bachelors degree and masters degree programs. Students here will be exposed to online classes in a user-friendly and interactive classroom and learn from its faculty members. Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology Online at Kaplan University

One of the psychology online degrees at Kaplan is BS in Psychology, which is designed to prepare students to have future careers in agencies, organizations, and research settings. Students of this program should have enough knowledge on how to evaluate people and how to properly deal with interpersonal relations. It examines major values, concepts, research methods, studies, and historical trends in the field of psychology. It offers in-depth understanding psychology’s theory and methodology and examines cultural conditions motivating people to consider psychological issues. It may come in various specializations including child development, behavioral analysis, or substance abuse.

Psychology Online Degrees – MS-General Psychology at Capella University

This psychology online degree strengthens the understanding of students in psychological theories, principles, and research methods as well as use electives to place more emphasis in certain topics that may help them have difference in work. Students who pursue this subject often land in supervisory or specialist positions in behavioral or social service organizations. This is also the great option for those who would want to explore the expansive psychological field of study for the preparation of doctoral studies.

MS in Psychology-Industrial & Organizational Psychology at Grand Canyon University
This MS in Psychology program is intended for individuals who want continued academic and/or promotion exposure in psychology. It emphasizes the development of leadership qualities and critical thinking. Its graduates may have great impact other students surrounding them through action research, leadership, and introduction of programmatic community changes.

MS in Psychology-Media Psychology at Walden University
Unlike other psychology online degrees, this MS in Psychology serves as the next wave in this field of psychology. This program is expected to have great influence in psychology as it assesses the role of psychologists in the media. It helps increase students’ understanding of how communications and marketing affect modern media in global society. Among the possible career opportunities offered by this program include advertising, media consulting, and media research.

BS in Early Childhood Development at Kaplan University
This is a unique program when compared with the other psychology online degrees since it is a nonlicensure degree conforming to the Standards for Early Childhood Professional Preparation Programs of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Psychology Online Degrees prepare students to work with young children from infant up to the age of eight in an early childhood environment.

Online PhD: Basic Information

Doctor of Philosophy or PhD degree is considered the highest education level attainable by graduate students. This degree is offered in various fields of knowledge including education, philosophy, psychology, public administration, nursing, health, business, arts, and engineering. It can be taken both offline and online. The following article delves into online PhD in Great Britain or UK.

Online PhD - Universities

Online PhD – Universities

It can be noted that United Kingdom is notable in providing educational opportunities to its students. Practically, you might find it difficult to grab these chances through traditional school enrollment if you already have a family, you are already adult, or you are already working. However, this can now be addressed through the proliferation of online PhD being offered by a number of colleges or universities in the country.

Online PhD – Famous Schools

History accounts the University of London as the first school to offer a degree through distance learning throughout the world. It is noted that a lot of soldiers enroll in the External Program during World War II as the Geneva Convention rules that prisoners of war be permitted to receive mail such as packages. In fact, it notes that about 11,000 exams were taken at over 88 prison camps across the country between 1940 and 1945.

However, several people were not able to attend traditional school because of geographic location and cost. This learning allows an educated population to become highly educated. This can be seen in the survey showing that the country is first in the rank in terms of academic institutions providing PhD through online education as of August 2009. Cost serves as the most appealing benefit that students may attain from this doctoral degree. It is true that online education is less costly than its traditional counterpart. However, the cost referred here is not just money itself, but it also includes time. Another advantage of taking up this degree is to boost the career of the students. It also benefits the society by permitting those who were unable to take the course.

Attending to any educational institution in this country would be the best option for those who wish to attain an accredited online PhD. The country prides itself to have a reputation of solid foundation to reach your academic objectives in online education for over 150 years. It notes that most PhD study here is independently and most of the coursework, study and research ended up to dissertation writing or other published works. It does not even require specific number of years for residency under a great learning system that can be accessed easily at a limited time. The PhD programs offered here come from well-established educational institutions.

After an initial online PhD from any college is granted, graduates will now have great potential in advanced doctorates. This is the time when allowing students to continue their work is more cost-effective and practical. This will qualify them to take studies and complete the required publication and coursework with minimum traditional education investment.

Online PhD in Education

PhD degree programs are now made available to all students regardless of their social status in line. These programs are offered in a wide variety of knowledge fields in medicine, education, nursing, psychology, business administration, arts, philosophy, engineering, and business. They can be taken offline or online depending on the preferred educational set-up of the students taking them. For its specific purpose, this article focuses on Online PhD in Education.

Online PhD in Education - Universities

Online PhD in Education – Universities

Online PhD in Education programs advance the knowledge in P-12 instruction and curriculum and hold research for positive change and improve the achievements of the students taking it. These specialization programs provide advanced theory and practice in curriculum mapping, instruction and assessment, collaborative curriculum development, and research methodology and application. They enable students to establish a professional portfolio demonstrating their competencies in distance doctoral degree in line with their current and future employers. Usually, students who pursue these programs are P-12 teachers, administrators, or curriculum specialists who are interested in pursuing positions as curriculum director, superintendent, or principal.

Online PhD in Education – Importance of Accreditation

Accredited doctorate degree in education programs are offered in various specializations including Doctor of Education, Educational Specialist, Doctor of Philosophy, and the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies. Aside from these specifications, there are other concentrations associated to these programs which may include instructional technology, educational administration, adult education, educational leadership, instructional design, and more online PhD degree programs in education.

The qualified candidates for Online PhD in Education are guided by faculty advisers to plan for their own programs suitable and sufficient to their self-defined goals. The courses in this specialization start with educational theory that puts emphasis on the basic learning principles and the social, historical and cultural aspects of education. They help students familiarize with the significant professional and academic literatures. Theories of these courses will then put into practice in later PhD programs focusing on research methods and teaching skills.

Primarily, the coursework of doctorate in education degrees aims to prepare students in developing, performing, and writing an original research paper or dissertation to contribute to the education literature. Among the core courses for the research are education in social, political and cultural context; educational psychology and epistemology; qualitative research methods in education; the art of teaching; and quantitative research methods in education.

Recipients of online doctoral degree in education are in high demand in private and public schools, think tanks, government institutions, universities, and think tanks anywhere in the world. Individuals who have completed online PhDs in education may also pursue more practical careers within school systems and districts, while the others put emphasis on the expansion of educational theory. Among the most common jobs for these graduates include consultants in private or public institutions, teachers, researchers and policy analysts, school administrators, and university professors.

With the aforementioned information, Online PhD in Education programs are an ideal option for individuals who wish to be different in the lives of children and contribute to the welfare of educational system. In fact, graduates of these programs have already seen their personal and profession benefits.

PhD Programs Accredited by APA

Online PhDs now become a viable option to further your knowledge and skills in certain field of study. Thanks to the advent of technology, PhD programs can now be accessed through the Internet with greater flexibility in time and affordability.

There are many PhD and PsyD programs accredited by the American Psychological Association or APA. These programs offer you a better edge in the real world of business and other sectors of the industry.

Among the colleges or universities offering these online PhD programs are listed below:

PhD Programs – Adler School of Professional Psychology

PhD Programs Graduation

PhD Programs Graduation

This school provides you with a doctoral degree that puts emphasis on the field of clinical psychology by means of its distance learning program awarding students with doctorate degree in psychology. This is a curriculum that can be completed in 114 credit hours. It follows the practitioner training model mainly in seven disciplines such as intervention, relationship, research, assessment, consultation and education, research and evaluation, individual and cultural diversity, and management and supervision. Tuition fee in this school may vary based upon the campus where you attended the course. It usually includes deposit of $500 and an application fee of $50.

Argosy University

Argosy University provides an online PsyD degree in the fields of clinical psychology and school psychology. The university has many onsite-campuses for you to choose from including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Chicago. It offers you full doctoral research including practicum and full dissertation track options. This program may cost you $988 in each credit hour other than its application fee of $50.

Fielding Graduate University

Fielding is a graduate school highly regarded as an APA accredited program in clinical psychology awarding doctorate degree in clinical psychology and media psychology. It is notable to be an integrative online learning center operated and backed by a knowledgeable and expert faculty and staff. It prides itself to be unique since it is the lone distributed learning PhD in clinical psychology authorized by APA to offer this program. This PhD requires you to take 144 credit hours with an annual tuition fee of $21,300, an application of $75, and a registration of $850.

Philadelphia College

The PsyD in clinical psychology program in this school is administered and delivered by 24 professors. The program focuses on your ability to work in various clinical settings, but does not offer a lot of specializations. However, it provides great opportunities of earning post-doctorate certifications for clinical neuropsychology and clinical health psychology. This curriculum is specially designed to be completed in five years and should include your coursework, practical training, and dissertations. Its tuition fee amounts to $16,184 annually excluding the necessary travel, books, and other supplies. Just like any other colleges and universities and other PhD programs, it has an application fee of $50.

The primary concern of APA in accrediting these online PhD programs is to address the insufficiency of regulation in training as well as in supervision. It is anticipated that accreditation will increase once the Commission on Accreditation of APA integrates with the proposed Implementing Regulations or IRs on telesupervision and distance education.

Requirements for PhD in Psychology

Pursuing any PhD program is not an easy task as there are many requirements that you need to comply before being successfully admitted to any educational institution.To narrow down the discussion of this article, it will focus on the admission requirements for PhD in Psychology.

PhD in Psychology – Requirements

PhD in Psychology - Universities

PhD in Psychology – Universities

Usually, this doctoral course in psychology requires you to complete a well-managed internship, in a clinical or agency setting, as well as a dedication to research and a strong understanding of theories. Bear in mind that PhD admission requirements may vary from institution to institution. Below are the general and common requirements for psychology PhD:


  • PhD in psychology requires you to have a master’s or a bachelor’s degree. It points out that either of them need not to be in the field of psychology. What matters most is the fact that you have completed a minimum of the fundamental psychology courses.
  • This course requires you to have completed the necessary coursework including studies in cognitive development, psychology theories, abnormal psychology, personality, developmental psychology, and social psychology. You have to successfully complete a least one course in research methodologies and social statistics. You should also complete a written examination demonstrating your mastery in the study field of psychology.
  • You will be asked to defend your dissertation that may demonstrate your ability to conduct original research in psychology. Here, you need to select a research topic that interest you and develop a dissertation proposal determining the topic, stating its fundamental research questions, and outlining research methodology. You may start conducting your research and write dissertation once your proposal will be approved by a committee of faculty members.
  • In terms of clinical psychology, you need to complete a supervised internship, which is often in a human service agency of clinical setting.
  • Take your PhD in Psychology from a venerated school opening more doors and opportunities.
  • This course requires you to have an undergraduate degree and an excellent academic. This course does nit require any the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test.
  • If you wish to be enrolled full time, you should be admitted during the first year of the fiver-year program. However, you may take this course part-time later. You will be guaranteed with teaching fellowships to cut tuition fee.
  • In some universities, PhD in psyd requires you to attend to certain seminars within their area of specialization and submit progressive report that offers details of their research.
  • If you wish to take this course in the specific field of the clinical psychology and experimental psychopathology programs, you need t complete a general examination that usually takes six hours at the end of your second year in the course.

Remember that PhD in Psychology can be considered as one of those PhDs that cannot be attained by simply enrolling to it. There maybe some other constraints or circumstances that may not be favorable to you such as financial matters. However, this can be resolved through scholarships and other study grants.

Doctorate Degree in Optometry

Generally, to have an education in optometry requires a graduate and an undergraduate degree. Most optometrists can be found working in private practice, while some of them have specialization in specific areas, such as in geriatrics or pediatrics. This is the time when high level of academic attainment is necessary, specifically a Doctorate Degree or a PhD. This advanced course requires students great investment, in terms of money and time. In fact, some educational institutions provide programs that are designed to cater the needs of diverse students.

Doctorate Degree - Graduation

Doctorate Degree – Graduation

It is a standard to attain a bachelor’s degree before starting this doctoral program. This course usually takes four years to be fully-completed. It has a number of undergraduate coursework requirements before successful admission including areas in education, biology, health, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. However, this degree is not just limited to these subjects as you can also take any other major courses as long as students are able to complete all the required coursework. Interested applicants for this degree program should take the admissions test that is designed to assess the academic ability and scientific comprehension of the students in general chemistry, physics, biology, organic chemistry, quantitative reasoning, and reading comprehension.

Doctorate Degree -Course Work Structure

Doctorate Degree in this field of study focuses on the structure, function, and diseases or disorders of the eye. This can be achieved after four more years of study after completing students’ undergraduate work and obtaining admission to an accredited school for this field. The graduate coursework for this doctoral degree includes study in the areas of physiology, human anatomy, eye diseases, vision and vision disorders, biochemistry, and systemic diseases that may affect the eye.

Research in this doctoral degree puts emphasis on the normal and abnormal processes in vision, eye disorders and diseases, and visual pathways. Students in this degree work on various ways to keep vision loss in different approaches, which may have a wide range from molecular and cellular to optical or behavioral.

After attaining their doctorate Degree, some optometrists get involve in residency programs to advance their preparation beyond their entry-level practice. This residency usually lasts at least 12 months. Among the residency concentrations for this post-graduate study are vision therapy and rehabilitation, primary eye care, and pediatrics, family practice and geriatrics.

All optometrists are also required to take part in continuing studies so that they will be updated with new information about this field and maintain their licenses.

Among the reputable schools offering Doctorate Degree in this field study include the Indiana University, the Ohio State University, the State University of New York, and the University of Houston. These accredited colleges and universities offering this course maybe affiliated with hospitals, clinics, and military institutions. This approach may help graduates of the course have a venue to have practical experience their profession through internship programs. This may also give them greater chance to be absorbed by these institutions if they conform to the performance of the students during internship.

Part-Time PhD

Every undertaking and every dream we wish for in life is not that easy to achieve. Education is no exemption and taking it to the highest level is quiet challenging.

Part-Time PhD

Part-Time PhD

Pursuing your academic endeavor in PhD degree is a lengthy task, which requires a lot of responsibilities and self-discipline. This program can be taken in a full-time or part-time or as a distance PhD, depending on your availability.

Part-Time PhD – Admission Tips

This article deals with Part-time PhD, its specific study areas or specializations and the things to be considered to help PhD students get their PhD successfully.

Ensure that your school and its committee allow you to get Part-time PhD. It is not advisable for you to take this mileage if the members of your committee, especially your major professor, are not supportive to you.

Select an area of knowledge that you are passionate about. This will give you a fighting spirit of getting the course, notwithstanding your other commitments in life such as your work or family. In fact, you will be physically ill or depressed if you are prevented from working on a course that you really wanted to pursue.

Motivate yourself by striving for a full personal alignment. See to it that the topic you chose to study for PhD is aligned with your job so that you can make it through, both your PhD and work. Do not just focus into either your job or studies, unless the circumstance really demands for it. This is especially true in case you do not have passion in your preferred field of specification.

Ensure the relevance of your study field to your committee to avoid having trouble in keeping your committee intact. This is very true for Part-time PhD students as your primary goal is to have your committee together for longer time than being a full-time PhD student. However, there are difficulties that you may encounter here. One difficulty you may encounter is that the duration of most funded projects tends to be appropriate for full-time programs, rather than the part-time programs. Another difficulty is the fact that you need to be first out with certain topic to be eligible for the degree. Remember that being first is not that easy to maintain as there are many other students who strive to win.

Strive to fund you own studies. It will not be significant for your work to be included in the currently funded projects of your committee if you are paying it yourself or through other grant or scholarship. Your work in this case may serve as a chance for you committee to explore a new area that allows you to identify whether or not this area is sufficient for further funded work. Remember the fact that you are a part-time student with a daily job. If you are paying your own education cost, you will be free from the coercion of project durations for customary research.

Have tolerance in uncertainties as PhD students usually encounter high degrees of uncertainty.

Despite the disadvantages mentioned above, taking Part-time PhD while working can be a great and enjoyable experience if you will just do your part as a student.

How to Get a PhD in Computer Science Online

PhD serves as the highest achievable academic degree representing the top intellectual attainment and knowledge or expertise. It is offered in a wide variety of programs including education, pharmacy, engineering, nursing, humanities, business management, arts, public administration, computer science, IT and Technology.

PhD in Computer Science – Admission Tips

PhD in Computer Science - Graduation

PhD in Computer Science – Graduation

This article will focus on PhD in Computer Science and on how to be admitted in this course. This doctorate course is highly regarded as the key to get the most lucrative jobs in the field of technology. It is not an easy task to get enrolled in this course, but it is very much possible. Below are some of the essential and helpful tips that you may follow for a successful entry to this course:

  • Make a firm decision as to the specific course that you would like to pursue, the cost of its tuition, the time to complete the course, its residency requirements, the specialties of its available faculty or staff, and its flexible options.
  • Be careful and cautious in choosing PhD in Computer Science course according to what you would want to do after completing it. For example, if your company pays for the course, its cost will probably be less significant. Meanwhile, if you opt to teach in an educational institution, school prestige is of utmost relevant.
  • Assess the school where you want to be enrolled by talking to its alumni. Try to ask them what interest them to take the course, their disappointments or concerns, and whether or not they are confident enough to recommend the institution to their friends. Keep in mind that it is of the school’s objective to have advocates in the network of its alumni.
  • Try to read academic papers published and generated by PhD in Computer Science students. You can be certain that the faculty of the school is experts in the updated technology if its students strengthen computer science theory and technology.
  • Anticipate the time that you will be spending in your PhD since this course is quite challenging even in best times. Be better prepared to spend your free and leisure time in your studies online.
  • Before starting your course, make sure you have sufficient support structure at work and at home as well as the availability of appropriate tools in integrating with your fellow virtual students.
  • It is very vital for you to have plenty of time keep up on your work and on your industry by quickly computing the changes in your studies.
  • Because you prefer to get your PhD program online, you have to bear or pay the entire cost of your studies unless you have a sponsor or study grant or scholarship, which is not usually available for online PhDs. The average cost for the course usually reached about $740 in each semester hour excluding technology and other school fees.

Get a PhD in Computer Science now and land in your ever-dreamed job such as an information scientist, software engineer, chief information officer (CIO), computer and information systems manager, and computer scientist.

Distance PhD in India

PhD is generally defined as the highest level of education offered to students who wish to enhance their knowledge and expertise in specific study area. It is offered offline or online and Part-time PhD in various colleges or universities throughout the world. The following article will delve into the Distance PhD in India.

Distance PhD

Distance PhD

Just like any countries across the globe, this country also offers distance learning PhD programs to interested students in various disciplines such as public administration, education, humanities, engineering, communication, business management, industrial development, and arts. However, this level of education is requires a lot of research work and reading. This suggests that pursuing distance learning in PhD allows you to save a lot of time and provides other conveniences such as your own time and location.

It can be noted that the country initially offered Distance PhD program to foster higher education in rural communities and became more notable worldwide. Private universities or colleges and the country’s Open Universities in different states offer distance learning PhD programs.

Every student has their own reason in selecting distance learning, primarily its cost. Distance learning is remarkable for its being cheaper than on-campus study environment. It enables you to complete the entire coursework on your specified schedule without going to the class in person. It is often notable among nontraditional students such as working students, working parents, and those who do not have means of transportation going to school campus. Many Americans also prefer to take their distance learning PhD degree here since English is the medium of instruction in this country.

Distance PhD – Eligibility

The criteria for eligibility for Distance PhD varies depending on the college or university where you are enrolled. One criterion is the submission of a thesis and defending it in front of a panel of experts on your field of study. Another requirement for this programme is a successful completion of advanced courses in line with your study field. You will be required to hold a master’s in philosophy. Many other accredited educational institutions may also require you to take specific amount of coursework in a certain subject.

With the continuous growth of our modern society, along with the technological advancement, more and more students opt to get their PhD by means of distance learning. One reason here is that distance learning PhD meets the demands and needs of individuals who were not able to attend their on-campus classes due to financial constraints or other commitments in life. Another reason is that distance learning saves students’ time as they are not restrained to the classroom for several hours in a daily basis. It also offers expansive and new options of institutions for distance learning.

Among the Indian Distance Learning institutes offering distance learning PhD include Annamalai University, Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages, Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University, Indira Gandhi National Open University, International Institute of Information Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Karnataka State Open University, Kota Open University, Netaji Subhas Open University, Pondicherry University, and Yashwatrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU).

Distance PhD may give you greater chances of having careers in various private sector offices, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), or government agencies or organizations.

PhD in Education

This article will provide an overview of PhD in Education, its structure, specialization, and admission requirements.

Notable to be the highest form of academic attainment in education, PhD is being offered wide variety of knowledge specializations. These study areas may include education, public administration, engineering, business, arts, humanities, health, and industrial arts. 

Primarily, PhD in Education is specifically designed for professionals who are also practitioners in the field of education. Among them are those in private or public colleges or universities, professional organizations, government or community agencies, and other settings related to education. This degree program covers study and practice in the fields of educational and counseling research.

PhD in Education

PhD in Education

This PhD degree offers an advanced professional education designed for the improvement of skills and knowledge vital in existing or planned counseling and educational roles. It is also significant in the development of analytical ability in economic, social, ethical, and political issues as well as the issues associated to their relationship to different community and educational activities and situations.

PhD in Education exposes graduate students to various intensive courses, seminars, independent studies, and internships. High degree of self-directed learning, personal initiative, and commitment to inquiry for professional and personal growth are required to be successful in this degree. It conducts information sessions to enable students or applicants to be acquainted with the program and the process of admission.

The structure of this PhD encompasses individualized study requiring students to take a minimum of general culture, educational research, and doctoral research in addition to their specialization and secondary emphasis in the fields within or beyond education. This degree has portfolio reviews of documents intended in facilitating the professional and academic development of the students. Its doctoral dissertation, a requirement for PhD completion, demonstrates the mastery of the skills and expertise of the students. The students will then be recommended for the degree following the completion of the dissertation.

Among the specialized professional areas for this PhD are higher education, counseling and development, literacy and reading, education leadership, special education, education policy, teaching and teacher education, educational psychology, international education, and early childhood education.

To be qualified for PhD in Education, interested students for the course should have earned a master’s or bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university; official transcripts of records from universities and colleges attended; graduate application form with application fee; letters of recommendation from professional references; at least three years work experience in community educational, or human services environment; official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test scores, updated resume; and any other additional, pertinent documents for admission. These requirements may also vary from school to school and specialization to specialization. For PhD in Education, some universities also require students to have secondary emphasis of scholarship other than a professional specialization to see to it that students are properly exposed to the research methods and concepts of a specialty or an interdisciplinary field of study. This emphasis normally takes 12 semester hours of credit to be completed.

PhD Scholarships in Denmark

In this country, PhD students work under favorable terms as they are employed full-time for three years and their salary can be used to cover all the essential cost of living and accommodation and live an active life. Just like any countries across the globe (such as in the U.S., Victoria, China, or Germany), colleges and universities here also offer PhD scholarships to deserving students and those who are financially constrained. These scholarships are made available to all students, either local or international/overseas.

PhD Scholarships - Graduation

PhD Scholarships – Graduation

PhD scholarships in this country usually have duration of three years. The students awarded with these scholarships are expected to complete their study program and land good job. In fact, their future employment is covered by a collective agreement based on the country. The assessment for their academic performance will be determined by their research potential. The results of their scholarship exams will be evaluated by the specific commission or body for examinations.

PhD Scholarships – Requirements

Like the college scholarships, interested applicants for PhD scholarships are required to submit the scholarship application form, application letter their motivation for the scholarship being applied, graduate diploma with a list of their grades, copies of relevant degrees earned and scientific papers made, curriculum vitae, project description of their chosen field of study for a maximum of five pages, and other pertinent documents and materials depending on the educational institution or agency offering the scholarships. The research proposal is also required and should include suitable title, brief background of the preferred study area, initiating problem, ideas to solve the problem, challenges to be encountered in the project, sketch of time and work plan, and a maximum of five primary references.

The scholarship applications will be evaluated by certain assessment committee and the applicants will be entitled to receive the assessment through a letter of notification of announcement in publications offline or online.

Usually, PhD stipends are awarded to individuals who are holders of master’s degree for a period of three years. The Ministerial Order of the country points out that the progress of the PhD student will be evaluated once every six months. The approval of the scholarship application at the time of the evaluation serves as a prerequisite for the salary payment continuation.

For instance, the Department of Management at Aarhus University’s Aarhus School of Business offers PhD scholarship since March 1, 2010. The Department even invites applicants for its PhD in the field of regional development and entrepreneurship, which is being funded by the Regional Development Council. The successful PhD student for this position will join a dedicated group of junior and senior researchers in entrepreneurship from the university and the business school. Meanwhile, the successful applicants for the international scholarships of the school are expected to earn a fundamental Danish working knowledge during the course of their PhD.

Other than the PhD scholarships, PhD fellows are also made available for students. The PhD fellow appointment and salary are provided at the January 11, 2006 circular of the Ministry of Finance concerning the Collective Agreement for Academics in Denmark, specifically in Appendix 5 and the Ministry of Finance Circular of June 13, 2007.

PhD in Finance

PhD degree program is regarded as the highest level of education attainable by students. PhD programs are offered at a wide range of study areas in education, pharmaceutical, finance, engineering, humanities, arts, nursing, business management, public administration. Any requirement for these programmes may vary from college to college. For the purpose specified in the title, this article will discuss on PhD in Finance and its topics.

  • Banking
PhD in Finance - Graduation

PhD in Finance – Graduation

Banking in finance includes the activities of banks and associated organizations such as central banks, commercial banks, investment banks and other financial or lending institutions. Good topics in banking explore how banks establish and expand wealth through loans and other financial instruments. These topics may include money creation, loan risk assessment models, and fractional reserve banking.

  • Investment Management

PhD in Finance, specifically investment management refers to a study on how investors can make use of the returns through portfolio strategy and security analysis. This study delves into the attainment of investments and the measurement of portfolio investments. The viable dissertation topics in this online PhD/on-site PhD may include hedging models, mutual funds, and portfolio diversification theory.

  • Corporate Finance

This is the PhD that focuses on corporations’ way of capital allocation or appropriation for business. It may include investment financing, dividend policy, balance sheet analysis, capital structuring, and stock valuation. A good dissertation topic for corporate finance investigates one or more of the mentioned topics associated to corporate profit or growth. These may include the advantages and disadvantages of share buybacks, examining financial performance ratios, and assessing the benefits of equity financing.

  • Financial Mathematics

The PhD in Finance in financial mathematics study focuses on the mathematics in finance. This study strengthens models concerning the value of financial instruments in various industrial sectors. Its dissertation tries to draw new mathematical applications from a theorem in this study depending on the college or university where this study is taken. Possible topics for financial mathematics include the Black-Scholes model, theorem of arbitrage-free pricing, and portfolio optimization theory.

  • Personal Finance

This finance course focuses on how people handle their money and appropriate capital for investment in a business venture. It investigates the financial behavior of individuals rather than that of organizations. For a good dissertation, this study looks at one or more financial decisions encountered by individuals and measures the advantages and disadvantages of courses in certain curriculum.

  • Financial Regulation

Financial regulation refers to the use of law as guide for the conduct of market partakers and impose penalty for those who will be involved in disputed activity. It affects the financial performance and market behavior of those involved under the regulation. A good dissertation topic for this study deals with financial regulation that investigates the effect of certain law on market performance and behavior.

  • Financial Markets

Generally, financial markets are places where assets can be purchased and marketed. These markets are considered significant as identifiers of price and value and as exchange of stock exchange. PhD in Finance examines the structure of stock, currency, bond, and derivative markets. It is important to note that apart from PhD in Business, you can also do a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) from a UK University.

Application for Doctoral Programs Admission

Students applying for any degree program are no different from tertiary education applicants who have ample of requirements before being admitted. The admission requirements for Doctoral Programs may vary from degree to degree and from school to school. These programs are available in various study fields including business, public administration, nursing, humanities, engineering, and accounting.

Doctoral Programs – Course Requirements

Doctoral Programs - Graduation

Doctoral Programs – Graduation

Generally, students who are interested to apply for doctoral degree should have, but not limited to have earned a master’s degree; Graduate Point Average (GPA) score of at least 3.0; introduction letter stating their career objective and personal history that includes their goals and motivations; work experience in the specific field that they would like to pursue; resume or curriculum vitae; two sets of official transcripts to be submitted from each college or university attended in a sealed envelop from its Registrar’s office; two recommendation letters; and English proficiency evidence proving the English fluency of international students through their acceptable scores in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Meanwhile, there are schools that offer international students exemption from the TOEFL/IELTS requirements provided that they have attained a master’s or baccalaureate degree from their recognized educational institutions in places such as the United States, England, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Liberia, New Zealand, and Scotland. There are certain Doctoral Programs that may require international students to have achieved IELTS or TOEFL scores notwithstanding their country of origin and academic history.

Doctoral degree applicants are required to have at least two years experience in vocational guidance, industrial training, vocational education and work experience in related course they have decided to study or related experience that is acceptable to the faculty. The applicants are expected to exhibit their competency in academics, effectiveness in interpersonal relations, and oral and written communications.

The advancement and qualification of the students to degree program are contingent upon their successful passage of PhD coursework, designation of a research advisor, and preparation and defense of written research proposal. Some Doctoral Programs may also require subject-comprehensive examination as a proof for a coursework and knowledge of other essential study fields. Candidacy advancement may take two years for students entering with a master’s degree and three years for those with bachelor’s degree.

Students are required to have at least six credit hours of actual PhD coursework beyond the master’s degree and 30 additional credit hours for those entering with bachelor’s degree. There are degree programs implementing diagnostic entrance examinations and consider it as their basis for enrollment. There are also additional deficiency courses to be imposed to students with master’s degree from another major or degree program of their chosen field of study.

Doctoral Programs may also require applicants to earn 60 credit hours for dissertation research other than the actual coursework credit of a minimum of six credit hours during the first and second phases of the coursework. Other schools may also require residency of at least two years for students with master’s degree and three years for those with three years of residency.

PhD in Psychology at the University of Bath

The Mphil and PhD in Psychology at the University of Bath encompasses three areas of research. Among these research areas are health psychology, applied cognition and technology, and social processes.

PhD in Psychology - Graduation

PhD in Psychology – Graduation

Students under this course should conduct supervised research in a certain field of knowledge that interests them most. They are required to write their research as a valuable thesis for use by students who also want to further their knowledge and expertise. The final stage of this course is in the form of oral and examination requiring students to produce and defend their thesis to the university’s Board of Examiners.

The applicants of this PhD in psychology are required to write their own research proposal covering information or details of two supervisors who might consider your application for the course. Your application should best describe how their research interests complement the interests of the supervisors. You should mention in your application whether or not you have already contacted them. Mention how your undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications or eligibility and work experience help you prepare for the research that you want to conduct and the reason that you opt to study at the university. Ensure that your proposal will not exceed over four pages in length and should include a short description of your research’s objectives, historical background, investigation methods, and benefits to research.

PhD in Psychology – Duration

This PhD in Psychology is made available in a full-time or part-time basis. It can be completed full-time from one to four years and part-time from two to six years. The university notes that its part-time enrollment for this program is offered to residents of Great Britain or to those who can be available for personal supervision at least once or thrice in the second semester. By the time this condition fails, the registration for the course will be discontinued automatically.

The entry requirements for this course include undergraduate qualifications, postgraduate qualifications, and two academic references. Interested applicants should have attained a first or upper second class honours degree in the field of psychology or an equivalent of this course from a reputable accredited college. They should have earned a master’s level or any appropriate research training.

The college also accepts applications on a case-by-case basis, where applicants have a combination of published papers or academic work with utmost quality, a significant diploma with high rating, essential professional qualifications, and responsible experience in certain field of study.

Foreign or international students are also required to show evidence of their good English language skills. These students should at least 7.0 rating in their International English Language Testing System (IELTS), 600 at their Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and a score of at least four Test of Written English (TWE) or 100 in Internet-based test.

Application for this PhD in Psychology course can also be done online making a search for a research course that captures your interest, filling out the application form provided in the website, submitting the form, and tracking the application.

Key Facts about Doctorate Degree

A doctorate degree, by definition, is a formal education with the highest level of knowledge and skills.

The degree is usually asked for students or individuals who wish to be in a higher education career as a university professor. The type of doctorate degrees, their titles and benefits vary according to the qualifications set by the degree program, university, and subject matter.

Doctorate Degrees are made available in various fields of study depending on your interest. They are offered in the study areas of public administration, business management, health, arts, engineering, accounting, humanities, nursing, psychology, philosophy, and medicine.

Doctorate Degree Graduation

Doctorate Degree Graduation

These doctorate programs can be expensive depending on the school or university and the subject you are interested in. However, there are other ways on how to pursue your college education and obtain doctorate program through scholarships, student funds, and fellowships. You may also apply for financial assistance or any scholarship or fellowship or assistantships that you may be able to attain while studying. Other than financial aid, this will also give you practical experience, expertise, and knowledge to better prepare you for your future career opportunities and employment.

Doctorate Degree – Tips for Selection

If you are considering getting a doctoral degree in a certain field, consider whether a degree is necessary. Gather information or research about your prospective colleges or universities with the best reputation in the field that you have chosen. Keep in mind that these programs can be completed from four to seven years, with extensive researching, reading, and writing. Decide way ahead of time whether or not you should apply to a specific doctoral program.

Typically, eligibility for these degrees requires a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in certain subject matter. Qualified applicants should have passed the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) and the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). International students should pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Pertinent documents such as letters of recommendation, university transcript of records, and curriculum vitae are also required for degree admission.

Getting a doctoral degree can be intellectually fulfilling and satisfying since it requires students to have skills in reading and learning to excel and be an expert in a particular field of specification. Graduate students are also expected to have contribution to their selected field of knowledge through their research in a form of dissertation, which are published as articles in books or academic journals.

Graduates of doctorate degrees usually pursue careers in academics. The degrees may equip graduates to land in great jobs such as in government offices, consulting, research and development, and any other areas in the labor market with promising pay. They may have a better edge in the labor market than other applicants who are not degree holders. These Doctorate Degree may give them prestige with their earned title of doctor, which may open various doors for career opportunities in the higher positions. Most important is the exceptional knowledge gain from this high educational level.

Berkeley-Haas PhD Program

The Berkeley-Haas PhD Program provides you academic study in seven fields. This program allows you to work and study closely with the school’s faculty members since there are only 14 to 16 students enrolled here annually. This close cooperation between faculty and students, along with the high intellectual ability and diverse cultural and academic background of the students creates intellectual excitement and strong partnership.

Berkeley-Haas PhD Program - Graduation

Berkeley-Haas PhD Program – Graduation

This is specifically designed and oriented toward research and discipline among the graduate students. It prepares you to the proper assessment of expertise in your chosen field of study and further your knowledge through theory application from mathematics, business, social sciences, or statistics.

Berkeley-Haas PhD Program – Stages

The instruction for this is categorized into three general phases. The first phase involves the coursework in fundamental and advanced subjects for two years. Usually, both second and third phases can be completed from two to three years. As a student of this program, you will be required to serve as research or teaching assistant for one or more semesters of the entire program. If you are interested in applying for this program, you will be required to select a specific study to identify the proper coursework for you and emphasize the suitable employment opportunities for your future career development.

Among these programs include business and public policy, Eligible students for any of the above-mentioned study fields are entitled for admission in this PhD program. The applicants are chosen based on their high scholarly ability level in qualitative and quantitative skills, career objectives consistent with the program and strong drive to complete the challenges of this academic program. To be admitted at the university, applicants should complete or submit three recommendation letters,transcripts, and curriculum vitae. They should pass the Management Admission Test (GMAT) and Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) as well as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for international applicants. Applicants are also required to pay for the program’s application fee.

If you are busy enough for your family, work or other commitments, you can also apply online through its secure online application, which is made available every second Monday of the month of September. It is being advised that applicants need to review the application form’s Accuracy of Information page before beginning the application. This page will give you information about your application and academic records and how they will be used.

It will also help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student. Before submitting your application to Berkeley-Haas PhD Program, check and review its checklist to see to it that all the sections are completed and that all the pertinent documents and materials are included. You may the follow-up the status of your application by directly contacting the department or program to which you have applied. The department will also you notification whether or not you are admitted to the program.

Online PhD

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